Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Theme Song

Me and Rachel B from Glee—we have loads in common. Show choir freaks, long brown hair, ultimate drama mamas.

Uh-huh. Flamboyance is seriously my middle name. Just ask my kids when I’m trying to get them to eat vegetables or my seniors when I need them to stay in place for graduation line-up. Uh,last year, after delivering a scintillating lecture on derivatives and tangent lines, my Calculus class applauded me. Yes—I really did just say that. Ap-plaud-ed me. Hehe. They’re such nerds (jk wonderfuls – you know I heart you)

And while I don’t wear skirts rivaling the length of Daisy Dukes and I don’t think I’m adopted (or am I?), Rachel Berry and I do both share the belief that every song is about me. That’s right, Rachel. Me. Not you. Me.

Okay—maybe not ev-ery song, but I swear Miley Cyrus wrote The Climb just for me. When work turmoil slapped my face or when I heard “Cut your book in half and query me”, I’d repeat my It’s all about the climb mantra for every obstacle I faced.

Sing it with me, peeps:

The struggles I’m facing
The chances I’m taking
Sometimes might knock me down
But no, I’m not breaking

Yeeeaah… so me.

This year’s theme song—Don’t Stop Believin’, uh… the Glee version, of course (Sorry, Journey) I’d sing it on my way to work, blare it through an elliptical burn, or wallow in it when any rejections rolled in.

And go figure—my novels have theme songs too. Considering I billed my superhero novel The Fantastic Four meets The Breakfast Club, guess what movie I watch, like, all. The time.


Whenever I’m searching for inspiration or want to lose myself in my 24/7 dreamworld, I just pop in a bud and let Don’t You Forget About Me stream from my iPod to my ears. Shoot. My totally fabulous husband even bought me a Breakfast Club poster which—PS— I stare at every day at work.

My second novel—the one I’m prepping to query—I nicknamed Taylor Swift

a) Because I named my protag after my fav TS fan (uh, not Taylor Lautner)
b) And I deem my project a warped version of You Belong With Me

Just so you know—that song's on my infinite playlist for the entire month of August. (Must. Get. Stuff. Ready. For. Conference)

And my new one… the one I will start in September (Yes, I am. I really am), I’m vacillating between Sting and Pitbull. Hmmm. Figure out that funky conundrum.

Soooo—do you have a daily mantra?

What’s your theme song?

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  1. Uh-huh. "The Strong Resolve to Fight"
    It keeps me going when I want to roll over and die!!!


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