Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Ins, the Ows, and the Wows

My life has taken a tumultuous spin in the past week (aka work, school—enough said) so I must say that the blog posts will see a decrease in frequency… at least for a little while. But I thought I’d provide you random updates on this funky little writer’s life of mine…

What’s IN?

My critique! Finally slashed that synopsis down, re-edited my first 30 pages (um—again) of my fantabulu YA Paranormal, packaged it off and sent it IN to the South Carolina Writers Workshop Conference. It will be critiqued by a super wonderful agent and then she will sit down with me for twenty-ish minutes and hash over the good and bad of it (hopefully more good than bad). Two awesome things about that—someone in the biz will give me first-hand insight as to what works and doesn’t with my manuscript AND I connect with said someone in the biz (networking—good stuff!). And maybe (fingers crossed TIGHT), just maybe—she’ll want to see MORE.

What else is in? School. But that’s an OW, so I’ll go there next.

What’s OW?

Okay—school really isn’t OW. I love seeing my kids again after summer break, love catching up with my teacher peeps, and uh… I totally heart MATH! So the teaching aspect—def not an OW. The OW comes from the time suck I experience from August to June. From six in the morning until nine-thirty at night, it’s get my kids off to school, teach, teach, teach, tutor, chauffeur children to whatever practice, fix dinner, do homework, read, put kids to bed… and get up the next morning and do it all over again. And as tired as you just got reading that, I really truly love the busy hectic craziness (well, most days). So what’s so OW-ful about that?

Well… when do I write?


Yep. The alarm clock is currently set for 4 AM.

Another OW. My age. I mean, I know I act like the biggest kid in the world, but with all this craziness, I’m starting to feel more achy than usual. Ugh. My heart and mind really want to be eight. But my sore elliptical-burnt out legs are trying to tell me I’m, like, eighty-five.

And does this happen to you? I am soooo used to my laptop, I can’t type on a desktop keyboard anymore. Like it takes me ten minutes to type a sentence. The keys just feel weird. And when I try to type “It wzs a darl and srormu biught” (It was a dark and stormy night), I stare at the monitor and scream “What is wrong with me?” So—an OW to my ego.

PS—the above line is not in any of my books—works well in A Wrinkle in Time. Not so much for my stuff.

What’s WOW?

Um, this awesome book I just read. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It’s the first in the Millenium trilogy by Stieg Larsson. Oh. My. Gosh.

If you can get past the technical but necessary wordage of the first twenty pages, dude. You will seriously want to divorce yourself from reality to finish it. It is one of the most amazing thrillers I’ve read in a long time. Must read the next two. NOW. Oh—and I plan to do this super-uber book review on it this weekend and post to my writers group… I’ll share with my fabulous blog readers too.

I outlined some of my new novel the other day—EX-CI-TING! My plan is to start writing on it September 1, but I may just have to start before then. Part of it will be from a male POV—good thing there’s a high amount of testosterone in my classes this year. Research, baby! My eyes and ears will be tuned.

What else is WOW?

A bed… calling my name. Sleep… here I come. At least for a little while.

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