Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Time for Everything

Soooo—I started back to work today and with it came a tornado of pandemonium. And to let you in on my chaotic bliss, I steal from the book of Ecclesiastes or the Byrds’ song or wherever you remember last hearing THIS:

To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose during the school year…

A time to play Legos and a time to put on SpongeBob while I fix dinner

A time to drive an hour to grad school and a time to hash out that murky part of my novel while driving

A time to hang out with my husband and a time to praise Ducks(his hangout after a soccer game) so I have a night to write

A time to exercise and a time to take the kids to Dairy Queen

A time to praise God for my mother—totally would be a full-time SAHM without her

A time to fervently study for my night class and time to just “baffle them with BS”

A time to thank God for eve-ry-thing and a time to implore Him for an agent

A time for Friday Night Football and a time to write chapter 22 on the way to the game

A time to do laundry and a time to ignore the dust-bunnies and let my house be condemned

A time to submerge myself in the Twitter-verse and the Blog-o-sphere and a time to turn off the Internet and play with my imaginary friends

A time for just one more school-oriented meeting and a time for me to outline the next five chapters during said meetings (SHHHH)

A time to Facebook while sitting in my son’s doorway—waiting for him to go to sleep

A time to grade papers and a time to procrastinate them just one more day

A time to write and write and write (even if the clock’s struck two-ish) and a time to hit the sheets before midnight because you have to teach all day and then drive an hour for class

A time to fret about my daughter being in middle school and a time to play Barbies because if I blink she might just have graduated high school

A time to have a beer. Or two. Or eight. (Haha—just kidding. Maybe.)

A time to plan a fabulous new activity for Geometry and a time to scrap it when your ninety minutes gets shortened to sixty for an impromptu fire drill and surprise survey

A time to watch my husband’s soccer team play and a time to get caught up with old friends

A time to take my children to soccer or dance or whatever and a time to edit as many chapters as I can squeeze into that hour

A time to read to my children and a time for us to all sit in the same room—engaged in our own silent reading

A time to wait in the orthodontist office and a time to plan next week’s lessons

A time for IEPs and PEPs and NCLB and a time to say screw it and let me just teach

A time to have a date night with my husband—because he definitely deserves my time too

A time to struggle teaching my son to tie his shoes and a time to just put them away and relish in the fact that he’s not totally grown

A time to indulge in tap-u-topia and a time to skip my dance class because I haven’t seen my family in three days

A time for teaching and meetings and tutoring and fundraisers and a time to just ignore everything and close the door on the tanning bed for ten mind-numbing minutes

And a time to write. I don’t care if I have to down five cans of Red Bull, there will always be a time to write.

SOOOO - what do you make time for?


  1. Love your comments here Alison. What busy, crazy lives we lead!

  2. I make time for sleep. Because I love me some sleep.

  3. I hear you, sister. And I know you've left a time for drinking (v. important to us writers!), but make sure you put some time in there to eat, too.

    And, yes, Candace is right. Sleep is good. (Like I should talk about that one!)


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