Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mr. Fabulous and Me - and a Contest for YOU!

Guess who I met last week?

Yep. Still swooning. Ahhhhhh.

Last week, Nicholas Sparks delivered his latest fabulosity to book stores—Safe Haven—a suspenseful story of love turned sinister and of a woman who must learn to trust again in order to love again.

Since I started with A Bend in the Road many moons ago, I've been a True Believer in Nicholas Sparks. I’ve yearned to meet the man for years, have always wanted to go to a book signing, but you know... that work thing always got in the way. But this year, despite an agonizing conscience, I trekked to his signing, doubting the entire drive if I should really be making the trip.

So glad I did.

At First Sight of Nicholas Sparks, my knees weakened and my heart rate soared off the chizz-ang. I wasn't sure I'd be able to walk to the back of that uber-long line. All I could think was...

I'm here. About to meet one of my writing heroes. One of my favoritest of favorite authors.

And he's going to sign my book!

But once I picked my jaw up off the carpet, I jumped in line and after four hours waiting with equally excited fans (def A Walk to Remember), I sat down next to him (squee!), he put his arm around me (double squee!) and we chatted briefly while taking pictures. And while I didn't tell him I was a writer (my mother who means well did - ugh), he gave me a heart-felt "Good luck with your writing!" and I checked that box in my bucket-list Notebook.

And left with a personalized, signed copy of his new novel.

Safe to say—it was a Sparkstastic day.

While I can’t put you on my magic carpet and whisk you off to see Nicholas Sparks on his book tour for your own personal meet-and-greet, I can offer you this…

A chance to win a SIGNED copy of Safe Haven

annnddd paperback (one of each - unsigned- but still fabulous) copies of Dear John and The Last Song

Wha-at? Seriously?! What do I have to do?


1) Comment below and tell me your fav Nicholas Sparks book ever—just one, people—make The Choice

2) Make sure you leave your full name (I have a lot of friends named Michelle!)

See—easy peasy.

And if you have any questions, email me at

And for extra entries…

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If you have any extra entries, tally them (I know I'm a math teacher - but your tally would be a gigundo time-saver) and post that in your comment. Winners will be selected at random and the contest will end Tuesday September 28 at 11:59 EST.

On September 29, I’ll post the winners as well as a review of his new book. The winners can email me their addresses so I can mail off prizes!

Soooo—what are you waiting for?! Click that comment button. NOW!

Who knows? You could end up being The Lucky One.


  1. Mrs Miller, you have a giveaway blog, that's all I do all day! Here's my blog
    P.S. This is Cynthia Rawling (formerly) by the way. I'm def coming back to enter your giveaway. Take care!

  2. My favorite book is a walk to remember. Mandy d martin

  3. My favorite so far is "Nights in Rodanthe.
    "-Susan Clutter
    Your Mary Kay Consultant

  4. It is so awesome that you got to meet him!! I'm so excited for you and I hope meeting him and seeing that he's just a regular old person just like the rest of us shows you that you too can be a mega-author just like he's become!! :)

    Okay, Now, I subscribed to your blog, added you to my blogroll, posted about this on Facebook and I'm about to blog about the contest on my blog:

    So my extra entries = 9... I think.

    And my favorite book of his is definitely Nights in Rodanthe. I read it in two hours one night.

    Candace Arnold

  5. I'm sure it was as exciting for you as my encounter with Meg C! :D

    I have only read two NS books - THE NOTEBOOK and then THE WEDDING (<--which I didn't like). I've *seen* A WALK TO REMEMBER and liked it, but...I'm not thinking that counts.

    THE NOTEBOOK it is!

    +2 if you already are a loyal follower of my blog
    +2 if you already follow me on Twitter
    +2 if you add me to your blog roll (I already *had* you on my blog roll)

    So...7 entries for me?


  6. Alison, my favorite would have to be The Notebook.

    Jeff Fuller

  7. I only get to pick one??? My favorite is Nights in Rodanthe if I can only pick one.

    +1 - I am now following your blog
    +2 - Shared your blog on FB
    +3 - posted on my blog:
    +2 - Added you to my blog roll

    That gives me 9 all together.

    And have I mentioned how jealous I am! Glad you enjoyed your day off. We all need a mental day once in a while!

    Susi (Lanvermeier) Price

  8. Hello BFF! Well you know I love you, your writing, and your blog so I think I deserve many many enteries :)

    My fav would be The Last Song or Dear John (cried on the soccer bus while reading both)!

    PS- this is Amber

  9. Alison, so excited for you! What a thrill to meet someone you admire so much.

    My favorite book would have to be The Guardian.

    I'm an old follower on the blog and on Twitter. I think that makes 5.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  10. Favorite Book: A Walk to Remember.

    +1 for my comment
    +1 if you become a new follower of my blog
    +2 for sharing my link on your wall
    Gives me 4 entries. = ]

    -Jessica Nevels

  11. Favorite: The Last Song

    +2 for posting this on facebook!

    -Becky Rooks!

  12. I think The Rescue is my favorite Nicholas Sparks novel.

    Just followed your blog +1
    Already a Twitter follower +2
    Tweeted your link +1

    Brings that to +4!

  13. My favorite is The Notebook (so far)! I sadly admit that I am about 4 books behind in reading his books.

    Good luck Alison, can't wait to read your books!

    Ericka Fountain

  14. The Notebook. It's one of those stories I can't get enough of.

    +1 for following your blog
    +1 for following you on twitter
    +1 for tweeting about the contest

  15. My favorite will ALWAYS be The Notebook. It was just so wonderful! I don't tweet, so I can't really follow, but I love you anyway!! :D

    -Brooklyn Hampton-Miller

  16. What a shame I haven't gotten around to reading his stuff yet, (I've read nothing but picture books for months). Oh well I'll definitely blog about it for you anyway. Nice to meet you, sounds like you had a great time.

  17. Hey there Mrs. Miller :) Don't worry I'm bout to win this. I must honestly say that the best (aka my favorite) Nick Sparks book would have to be The Notebook, and yes I actually did read a book and I truthfully have read two or three of Nick Sparks books.

    +1 for commenting
    +1 for being a new follower of your blog
    +2 for posting it on my facebook
    +15000 for being the best student you have ever had and keeping up with you even though I am in college and still love you enough to do you huge favors :D
    =15004 give up people I win :P

  18. Mrs. Miller,
    I want this so bad. Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors of all time. I can not choose just one book, but since I have to my favorite is DEAR JOHN. It really hits home with me and I feel I can connect with the book. I do not know this whole twitter deal just yet, but I am sure I will get the hang of it. I created an account just for you Mrs. Miller. I love you and hope you are doing well. As soon as I know how to add you to my blog roll I will get points for that too.

    +2 for sharing on my facebook wall.
    +1 if you become a new follower of my blog
    +1 new followers on Twitter
    +1 linking to my contest on your blog, Twitter
    +3 for posting about my contest on your blog (
    +2 Because I am at college to be a math teacher and I love you
    TOTAL: 10 Points

  19. How exciting to meet a favorite author!! I had the disappointment of learning that my fav author's tour doesn't bring him anywhere near here. :o(

    I am ashamed to say that I can't say what my fav Nicholas Spark's book is because...I've never read one of his book. :o( I have always wanted to. I need to jump on that!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  20. So far, if I have to choose one, I guess I liked The Wedding the best. He is an amazing writer & hopefully, some of his success rubbed off on you!!

    Genie Ramsey Eberle

  21. Hey, Alison!

    I've only read a couple of his books, but Message in a Bottle is the story that I still resonates.

    Good luck with your writing!

    Liane (not likely to be two out there) Decker

  22. Hi Alison!

    Thanks for this amazing contest :D
    So my favorite book? The Notebook.

    And I'm an old Twitter follower and a new blog follower ;)

  23. Hi Mrs Miller... this is a tough question, tougher than some of your calculus quizzes. Okay I'm going to have to go with The Notebook though I have two more I love near as much.

    +1 New follower: CindyWindy2003
    +1 new twitter follower, @carafferty
    +1 tweet
    +3 blogged at
    +2 shared link on FB wall at

    Total of 8. Thanks!

  24. It is litterally impossible to just pick one of his novles. He is a magical writter who captured my heart! If I had to choose it would be between The Lucky Ones and The rescue. I have a silly dream that one day maybe I can star in his novel The Lucky Ones because I can relate to the main character the most and is the frst book I had read from Sparks. Good luck Mrs. Miller best wishes goes out not just to you, but to your beautiful family as well! Love ya and miss ya! Christina Finley

  25. I am reading The Lucky One now and it has to be my favorite. And now that I am almost grown up and in college I have a foreign calc. professor and I can only understand every other word he says.... so thank you for teching me EVERYTHING I know about calculus!

    -Amanda Peed

  26. Mrs. Miller, you are hilarious! I enjoyed reading your blog.
    This is a really tough question--but I have made "The Choice" :)
    The Choice is my favorite.

    Good luck, can't wait for updates! But don't ever give up your day job! You were one of my most favorite teachers ever!!

    Jennifer Nobles

  27. What a great contest! A Walk to Remember?

  28. Hello Alison,

    Great idea I have no idea how many points I would get. Let me think. Ugh. Again?

    FB post +2
    New follower +1
    Comment +1

    So, 4, if my brain is in working order.

    Best of luck and I will continue to check out your progress. You'll do great (oh, and you LOOK great!!)

    Wendy Halliday Liles :

  29. My favorite would have to be The Last Song. I absolutely LOVED that book. :)

    Annie Sunday

  30. My favorite Nicholas Sparks book of all time is A Message in a Bottle. It's the first one of his books I had ever read. I also had just moved to South Carolina so reading about Eastern North Carolina made me feel connected to home.

    +1 New follower

    Tempie (I am positive I am the only one of those on here) Hudson Salisbury

  31. It's really hard to pick one favorite. I love all of his books :) I absolutely loved The Choice.

    +1 if you become a new follower of my blog

    +2 for sharing my link on your wall

    3 extra entries :)

    love your blog!
    Samantha Vrooman

  32. Are you kidding me? The Notebook, of course!

    +1 New blog follower - pleased to meet you :)
    +1 New follower on Twitter (I'm TessyQuin)
    +1 Linked contest to my blog
    +3 A special blog entry for your contest!
    +2 Added to my Blogroll

    The link to the blog entry, blog roll, and sidebar link at BookAways - Contests and Giveaways is:

    That adds up to a total of 8 points!

  33. I live in Eastern NC so I love them all but since i have to pick one I would say The Lucky One.

    +1 new follower
    +1 follow on twitter @Ashbug622

  34. Yikes, I almost missed the contest for procrastinating. I'm horrible at math so I won't try to add up any scores, so I guess I just get one point--even though I had a very wonderful math teacher in high school and went up to Calculus 2 in college :)Favorite Nick Sparks book, hmmmm. Hard decision. Nights in Rodanthe even though I hated the movie.

  35. I loved, loved, loved The Notebook!

    Kim Allen

  36. so so so so happy for you :) i love the notebook :) cant wait to see your dreams unfold:)
    good luck :)
    katie carper

  37. Robin Jones GoodhartSeptember 28, 2010 at 4:21 PM

    My favorite is A Walk To Remember. It is a classic and my heart breaks everytime.

    Robin Jones Goodhart

  38. The Notebook - The first Nick Sparks book I ever read. It was about 14 years ago, and I was a member of a book club. The Notebook had been my selection that month. I had never heard of the author before, but the story sounded sweet. *I will remember the day that book came forever.* I came home from work in my dark green suit, sat down to check out my new book and I NEVER put it down until I had finished the whole book. I have loved Nicholas Sparks' stories ever since. How could I forget the author whose story made me cry starting at page 6?!

    Nicholas Sparks is a truly gifted author.

    Diann Lenker

  39. To pick just one? Oh my! I think I've read all but one of his novels. I love them all, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be A Walk to Remember. That was the first one I read and it got me hooked!
    Patty Browne, who thought she was already following your blog, but perhaps wasn't so is now for sure : )


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