Monday, October 18, 2010

Funked Up


What exactly is funk?

Some web definitions: a dejected mood, a severe state of depression

Well... that pretty much describes my October.


I mean, I'm a humongo fan of fall, football, and Halloween, so October should be, like, the best month of the year, right?


Year after year, Shocktober blows in like a hurricane, bringing with it a full month of school (yeah—thanks Tropical Storm Nicole), a butt-load of work, report cards to issue, a gazillion places to go for soccer, dance, and everything in between, and it’s the LONGEST freaking month so stretching my paycheck to month’s end ranks up there with some of the most formidable challenges from Survivor.

Well, far be it from this year to be any different—I spent the entire past week trying to keep my head above water from the ocean of paperwork waving over me and headed into my weekend with six research papers to edit, my own MATH papers to grade, grad school reading, a query letter to finish (shoot me now), reference letters to write. Oh wait—I forgot I’m a mom and just might want to spend a little time with my family. AND I missed my tap class TWO weeks in a row.

And because of all the stuff I have to do, I’m left with very little time to do the thing I love the most—write.

Needless to say, last week I fell into a deep, dark funk.

And after trudging through half my workload, still feeling down in the dumps, I figured I had three options on how to avoid getting totally funked up:

1) Sleep for the next three days
2) Down that bottle of wine enticing me from its spot on the kitchen counter
3) Or I could write

Fortunately for you, my dear blog readers, I did not choose option two; otherwise, I’m sure this blog post would’ve looked like this:

Ow we wanmt tjhe funkkkk
Goive upp the fumk
owwe ened thes funhk
gotttsa hahfe that ffunjk

Instead, I closed the door on reality and held hands with my netbook. And wrote. And wrote some more. Four thousand words later I emerged from my weekend feeling renewed, rejuvenated—totally de-funked yet amazingly funky.

According to the fabulous Will Schuster from Glee, “funk” is soul meets anger. It’s passion is in its emotion. And dude--that was so me this weekend. I channeled my anger, depression, passion—all my funk into something completely funky fresh. And I wrote some pretty awesome stuff.

Those depressing times can be when writers pen their most poignant words, when an artist creates a profound and inspiring masterpiece. It's when singers bang out those a-maz-ing ballads. And actors bring incredible, believable life to their roles.

While I don't look to stay in a funk forever, I do find that when I'm angry, when I'm sad... my soul pours into my characters and brings them to LIFE. I write furiously and with HEART. And I crank out some of the best stuff I've written in weeks.

Praise the Lord I’m not a soulless automaton.

So bring on da’ funk. I want the funk. Take me to funky town.

Cause when I’m in a funk, I go to my happy place for a while. And it’s a pretty funky place to be.


  1. Nice!

    Gotta wait till the kids go to sleep tonight to comment on that query letter that some agent is going to completely fall in love with--I know it.


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