Monday, November 1, 2010

Stop the World - I Need to Edit!!!

Writing a book—easy-peasy; editing, not so much.

When I finished my recent WIP in May, I spent the summer immersed in revisions, probably gave my book a good meticulous twenty read-throughs. But as much as I love, love, love my latest novel, I knew we needed a teensy bit of distance from each other. Soooo in August I sent my manuscript out to my fabulous betas and planned to come back to my book with fresh perspective in November.

Then, as you know, I attended a writers conference (PS—fabulous). I went to learn, get pages of my latest novel critiqued, meet new people, network with literary agents, editors, authors,... An-y-way, after sharing the first two pages and the query letter for my novel, an agent requested my whole manuscript.

Yeah... still trying to get my heart rate back to normal.

Hoo boy.

Considering I was not prepared to send it right then as I was going to take November for a last run-through on revisions, well... that process had to go on "fast forward" mucho pronto. I returned from Myrtle Beach, all set to edit. I opened up documents from my critique partners with the most helpful suggestions, brewed the coffee, sat down at my computer…

And then life freaking happened.

I returned to work Monday morning to pajama days, powder puff football and spirit links. Uh-huh. Homecoming week. Oh—and let’s add to that an imminent grad school project, two sick children, soccer games, my football game, dance and soccer practice, end-of-the-season soccer parties. Three sets of tests.

And progress reports were to go home with my students Friday.

Wait—I almost forgot about Halloween and carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating and—crap… my son STILL needs a costume.

Yeah—those tests my students took last Wednesday. Heh heh. Still on my desk… ungraded.

Nanowrimo… um… that MIGHT happen in December. (just kidding—maybe)

Needless to say—I had to prioritize. I mean, the manuscript request was a gihugic deal and I was NOT messing this one up. Well, not on purpose. So the editing came first (well, after the sick kids….uh, kinda). I’ve gone through two rounds of edits and I think maybe, maybe… I might just be done. Maybe.

And I’m happy to say, I got everything else done in a fairly timely manner. And that’s why I look like these people.

Eh. Sleep is soooo overrated.

I mean, I can sleep next week. Or next month.

Because I seriously would not have traded this opportunity for all the books in the world or all the chocolate in Hershey or well, you get it... it was a pretty huge deal.


  1. Sounds very much like my time post conference. ACK. But,I did get the two full mss sent off to agents. Now? Waiting patiently (not). Click send/receive on email. Stalk on Twitter. Click send/receive on email. Read agents' blogs. Click send/receive on email. Shower.

  2. Oh wait, did I just say "stalk" on a public blog?... heh heh... what I meant was:

    Research the publishing industry and work on my craft.

    Yup. That's right.


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