Sunday, November 28, 2010

'Tis the Season... For a Contest Giveaway!

Yesterday (with family help) I decorated the Christmas tree, an act of fabulosity that floods me with Christmas Spirit. And always puts me in a "giving" mood.

Lucky you.

Soooo I'm hosting a contest giveaway and here's what's up for grabs, peeps...

because JP is my writing he-ro. If you've never read his books, this paperback version is a good place to start.

Since I nick-named my third project "Taylor Swift" (the one currently on submission), you could win

Or perhaps you'd like one of the most amazing YA books on the shelves right now...

Need a review? Click here.

And since my new WIP has elements of The Blindside, I'm offering up the DVD...

And just for a little variety...

a paperback version of the best-selling book.

Soooo, want to win any of those?!


1) Comment below and tell me what's atop your Christmas list - you know - what's the number one thing you're asking of Santa.

2) Make sure you leave your full name (I have a lot of friends named Karen!)

See—easy peasy.

And for extra entries…

+1 if you become a new follower of my blog
+2 if you're already a loyal follower of my blog
+1 new followers on Twitter
+2 if you already follow me on Twitter
+1 linking to my contest on your blog, Twitter (provide a link please)
+3 for posting about my contest on your blog (a link for that too)
+2 if you add me to your blog roll

And bonus for my loyal Facebook friends

+2 for sharing my link on your wall

If you have any extra entries, tally them (I know I'm a math teacher - but your tally would be a gigundo time-saver) and post that in your comment. Winners will be selected at random and the contest will end Tuesday December 7 at 11:59 EST.

PS - the contest is international (so my writing friends in Australia, Chile, Canada... can participate!)

On December 8, I'll announce the winners and they can email me their top choices from the faboo prize list.


I probably won't blog much until the contest is over (okay - not at all). I'm concentrating all efforts on my latest WIP... oh, and I need to prepare lessons, grade papers, finish Griswolding the house... But I will check back in from time to time. SO if you begin to suffer Alison withdrawls, feel free to get a pick-me-up from this or this. Or maybe this. They're some of my faves.

And definitely click the comment button. NOW. One of five fabulous prizes could be yours.


  1. Hmmm, top of my Christmas list. There's so many. I'd say new boots...nice ones I can wear out.

    +2= I am already a blog follower and +2=a twitter follower.
    +1=tweeted about the contest
    =including my comment a total of 6 entries.

    Thanks for the great give away!

  2. Sorry, forgot to give my link to it is:

  3. or maybe this one will work better:

  4. Mrs. Miller,

    So good luck on everything this Christmas, I hope everything you are trying to accomplish, happens. The thing that is on the top of my Christmas list is for my Grandma to finally be healed of all her pain. I know I may sound stupid, but I don't want anything for Christmas unless it is my grandma being able to be healed. I hate seeing her cry everyday and I want us to be able to do things together again.

    +2 already a loyal follower of my blog
    +2 already follow me on Twitter
    +1 linking to my contest on your blog, Twitter ( )
    +3 for posting about my contest on your blog
    ( )
    +2 for sharing my link on your wall

  5. Well I had a recent change in plans for the top of my Christmas list... due to a little poor driving experience I am asking Santa for a new triple stroller or I'd even settle for a repair for my broken one!

  6. Its been so long since I sat front row in your class...almost 16 years I suppose :)

    My Christmas list this year has only one thing....a wide angle lens.

    I am so glad you posted this, and I found this Blog..I want to write a book so bad, if I can get through school..perhaps Ill find the time!
    Im a new follower...and Im gonna post it in my FB :) happy holidays! Jackie Tew ( Peed)

  7. I'm so glad you are doing so well with the writing!!! It does seem so long ago that I was in your class :) You don't look one day older though!

    So, for Christmas this year, I'm not asking for much (since Hal and I are buying a new house!!!) All I want are the new side button Uggs (it gets so cold here in Philly, as you know).

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday! I am currently reading James Patterson's Cross Fire, and just finished I, Alex Cross. I may have to pick up your novels next!

    I'll definitely share your posts on facebook. I added you on Twitter (although I don't follow twitter too much, I can only handle one of those websites).
    Allison (Williams) Grosso

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  9. Ooh this is so much fun. Let's see atop my xmas list this year. . . . Oh, Oh, I've got it, I would like Santa to leave Dean and Sam from the series Supernatural under the tree for me.

    That really isn't asking too much is it? I'm not too sure my husband will like this gift, but he'll have to cope.

    Happy Holidays!
    L.M. Stull

  10. Hi Alison,

    Absolute top of my Christmas list is a new computer, so my ms doesn't take forever to load anymore :)

    I've linked to your contest from my blog, too. Here's the link:

    So that's...
    +2 if you already follow me on Twitter
    +1 linking to my contest on your blog

    I hope you have a great Christmas and Santa brings you everything you want!

    Marice Kraal

  11. Robin Jones GoodhartNovember 29, 2010 at 8:43 AM

    A top my Christmas list this year is a spa day! I really need a stress reliever. Between school, my son, paying bills, Christmas shopping, cleaning, and cooking...I am in need of some serious TLC!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    +2 I am already a loyal follower of your blog.
    +2 I am sharing your link on my facebook wall.

    That is 4 points! You taught me well! LOL!

  12. Atop my Christmas list is a safe, relaxing, and fun-filled vacation cruise with my love, Tshombe.

    +1 if you become a new follower of my blog
    +2 for sharing my link on your wall

    All the best to you, Alison!
    Donna Taglieri

  13. My Christmas list includes having my husband home for Christmas. Hopefully Santa can deliver.

    +2 if you're already a loyal follower of my blog
    +2 for sharing my link on your wall
    = +4

    See you soon :)

  14. It's not fair for me to win again but I'll definitely tweet for you, awesome books!

  15. Hi! and thanks for this aweseome contest!

    So Dear Santa? That my kids behave next year :D LOL.
    Oh, and from the list? The DUFF (I really want to read it!)

    so me:
    +2 I am already a blog follower and +2 a twitter follower.
    +1 I tweeted about the contest

  16. My Numero Uno Christmas want is new pots and pans. I know—how utterly boring and unoriginal. BUT, I cook 6 out of 7 days a week, on average. We don’t eat out unless it’s Domino’s-and even then I go pick it up to save the $1.50 delivery charge (and driver tip, of course)!

    So my tally is, I believe:
    +1 – new blog follower-though I have read it in the past, I never was a follower-still new to blogger.
    +1 – link on my blog (that I don’t dedicate enough time to and noone reads, but my mission is to change that in 2011)
    +3 – a [short] post about your contest on said neglected blog
    +2 – added you to my blog roll
    +2 – shared your link on FB

    I don’t tweet, or I’d have a few more points! Merry, Merry Christmas to you, Alison. Good luck with everything!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Dear Mrs. Miller,

    For Christmas i want some money! Hahaha

    PJ Lewis

  19. 1) A new car
    2) Jessica Nevels = ]

    +2 if you're already a loyal follower of my blog
    +2 for sharing my link on your wall
    = 4 extra entries!

  20. I want a Rake. Because if I own some yard tools, I might do some yard work...maybe.

  21. Dear Mrs. Miller,

    For Christmas, I want things for my new home from my wedding registries! I hope you are having a fabulous week!

    Gwen Arsenault :)

  22. For Christmas, I want Just Dance 2 for the Wii! :D I'm posting a link to your blog on my Facebook wall right now! So, I guess this makes +2 extra points??? I'm sorry I have not been a loyal follower!! School has had me very busy lately!

    Tova Williams

  23. Dude. Contests and giveaways are a cheap substitute for continually offering quality content.

    But still. Me so want the Taylor Swift CD.

    You know who this is. You can get me TS' new CD for Xmas if you want. (although I'm prolly not coming down for the holiday!)

  24. I want a Dyson for Christmas! I means that I'm offically a boring adult.

    +2 I’m already a loyal follower of your blog
    +2 I already follow you on Twitter
    +1 linked your contest on my Twitter
    +3 posted about your contest on my blog
    +2 You’re already on my blog roll little lady!

  25. Great contest! At the tip top of my Xmas list is a new laptop (preferably a Mac), but Santa is low on funds this year and the kids are more important than Mom so it will wait.

    +5 for the contest

    Thanks again!

  26. Dear Mrs. Miller,

    Atop my Christmas list is wedding wedding wedding stuff :) just to get a dent in these plans is all i would like!! hope you have a great holiday!! annddddddd +2 for being a loyal follower and another for posting it to my wall!

    yay!! - Sarah Fuller

  27. All I want for christmas is either a signed autograph of your series, or a night to relive in my past:)I miss you Mrs. Miller lots of love ♥

    +1 if you become a new follower of my blog
    +1 new followers on Twitter
    +1 linking to my contest on your blog, Twitter (provide a link please)
    +3 for posting about my contest on your blog (a link for that too)

    I dont know how to add my link thingymcbober to this? well my twitter thingymcbober is! ha

  28. Okay, so at the top of my Christmas list is my very own literary agent. I know it's a lot to ask for, Santa, considering I haven't exactly queried anyone in about a month now, and I think I have all my rejections back (almost). I will accept a late delivery, Santa, if you can't get any of those very respectable agents to change their minds by December 25th. #2 on my list ( a very close second) is some much needed sleep. Surviving on 4 or 5 hours per night of broken sleep can't be good for those increasingly blue bags unders my eyes. Thanks, Santa. I'll leave you some extra cookies if you can get Theresa Parks (Nick Sparks' agent) to call me).


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