Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Life Lessons from Despicable Me

1) Everyone needs minions - not just to carry out your evil bidding (muwhahahaha) - but because a yellow pint of hilarity each day can chase all the blues away

2) Margo optimism is underrated

3) Holding your breath till you pass out CAN get you whatever you want

4) A vector has both direction and magnitude - okay, probably not a life lesson, but this math nerd liked it

5) Even the biggest baddies have a heart

6) Dance recitals and fluffy unicorns are waaaaayyyy more important than any work-related issue - like shrinking the moon

7) And dude, if Gru can publish a book...

well gosh darn it - so can I


  1. haha that's cute. I had to read this post to my sister. We love this movie.

  2. Haven't seen this but this looks so good. Love the life lessons!


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