Sunday, January 30, 2011

Team Peeta

Ever read The Hunger Games? I’m a Survivor girl so the notion of twenty-four teens exiled to who-knows-where to form alliances and eventually compete against one another for an ultimate prize resonated with me. And while The Hunger Games tended to be a little more, er… um… gruesome than my fave reality TV series, I found myself immersed in the drama, the conflict. And I found myself pulling for my favorite contestant.

Peeta Mellark.

Yes - I rooted for him to win the hunger games. But more importantly, I wanted him to win the heart of Katniss Everdeen.

Because he’d already won mine.

From the moment Katniss details how Peeta, the baker’s son, purposefully burnt bread so she would have something to eat, I swooned. But not Katniss. She led him on. She wrestled with feelings for him and another. And I read through the series, the whole time screaming, “The choice is easy! Peeta’s the nice guy! Pick Peeta!”

But why? Why not her best friend Gale? Why should she pick Peeta?

Why did I?

Yeah—WHY do I fall hopelessly in love with the Peetas? Why do I whole-heartedly support Team Edward? Why do I suffer through yet another over-dramatized House of Night for Heath? Or stand by Fang when all Max does is give him reason to fly away? I mean, gosh. They’re just book characters, right? How can I fall head over heels for a fictional character?

And then I realized… it’s what they represent. It’s what they provide.

Unconditional love.

Yep. They’re the Bruno Mars of fiction. The guys that would love their girl no matter what. No matter how many times they face rejection, hatred, other love interests. Their love is irrevocable. Peeta would die for Katniss. Would rather see her live and be happy. Heath Luck left any possibility of an eternity with Zoey so she could restore her shattered soul. Fang left so Maximum Ride could fulfill her destiny. And Edward always wanted Bella to be content. It’s an unwavering love. It’s not manipulative (ahem… Jacob). It’s not selfish. These guys would catch a grenade for the women they love. Would do anything so that they can be happy.

How can you NOT fall in love with THAT?

It's probably why unconditional love weaves a thread through my novels. And it is, without a doubt, why I am still hopelessly devoted to my husband whom I've been married to for sixteen years.

So yeah… nice guys may not finish first. Heck, they might not even finish second or third. But I stand by my conviction that they WILL be there at The End.


  1. I LOVE the Hunger Games. Unfortunately, I read the first two books many months before the third one came out and by the time I bought the third one I had forgotten where they left off, so I haven't yet read the third one.

    And thanks for saying you've been married for 16 years, that makes me feel freakin OLD!!!! When you were MY teacher you were still Ms. Rutter. Ugh. I'm old. I'll probably be in a nursing home any minute.

  2. Wonderful post. I think this why most of us fall for the guy. We all look, hope, dream, for guys like that our whole lives. It's a hopeful comfort to know that our protagonists find that kind of love. I did in real life, but not everybody's as lucky as us.

  3. Great post! I'm Team Peeta too...but then, I married one of the nice guys:) New follower-love the blog!
    Drop by if you get a chance!

  4. Normally I don't love the 'nice guy' but from my reading of the Hunger Games I was definitely Team Peeta. I wonder if that will change when Gale gets more face time in the next two books?
    - Sophia.

  5. I loved Peeta in HG, in fact, I liked him more than Katniss. It'll be interesting to see what actor plays him in the movie.

  6. I am a cat person. Cats do not provide unconditional love. They are most certainly conditional. It's probably why I'm always shipping the wrong team in books if there's a triangle. It's also why triangles frustrate me--sometimes I just want the author to make it clear who I should root for from the beginning! I've even read spoilers for upcoming books (if they're out) to make sure I don't get attached to the wrong guy!


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