Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Up 2011?!

Since we're about three weeks into the new year, I thought I'd share my Writer-ly Goals - you know - stuff I'd like to accomplish. And at the end of the year, I'll revisit... and see how far off I was. Hee. Just kidding.

1) Query current project aka TAYLOR (well, that's its nickname - real title to be disclosed if said book ever hits the shelves)

2) Finish my current project aka STING (again not the real title - not sharing that one because I'm afraid somebody might steal it - yep... it's that good. haha)

3) Start a new project (okay I already wrote half the first chapter) and maybe, just maybe finish that one. Alias? LUCAS - and no, not Star Wars related.

4) Finish my fun book (sequel to one of my first projects)

5) Post an average of three blogs a week

6) Exercise at least five times a week - how is this "writer-ly"? Well, exercise is just so mind-opening. I resolve a lot of plot issues while I'm on the elliptical. And - bonus - I may just be able to sport my bikini again.

7) Read 100 books. Yes. ONE HUNDRED. Believe it or not, this one's the most doable. I read on average 2-3 books a week (usually the latter)


ambitious much?

Okay - so I set lofty goals. But as I preach to my students: Set the bar high. Even if you fall a little short, you've still accomplished mucho.

So... what are some of YOUR goals for 2011?


  1. Those are fantastic goals:) and no offence but I can truly believe that last goal ha! My goals are:

    1)Exersice more and lose weight

    2)Find the agent who "R" you and give him some useful information

    3)Inspire someone

    4)Officially potty train my puppy

    5)Get casted in my college play!

    Those are my goals, and like you said you may all buy hold your head up high and get back up! Like I always say "When youve been knocked down on to your knees. just remember you are in the perfect position to pray!"

    Lots of Love,

    Christina Finley


  2. Goals: 1) Query my latest project in the Spring. (And I have a character named LUCAS in mine, just like your nickname) 2) Start a new project. 3) GET AN AGENT ALREADY:) 4)Potty train the 2 year old, thus more time for me to write :) 5)And yes, this is by far the most unrealistic goal, BUT, quit my job at the schools to become a full-time writer. Setting that bar very high.

  3. Fantastic goals, I'm taking it you don't sleep much, where do you find the time to do all that?

    Potty training yikes, I should be so onto that!


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