Sunday, February 13, 2011

Angels, Math, and VD

Tomorrow’s V-Day (duh)

And thanks to Kody Keplinger my thoughts of Valentine’s Day will forever be tainted…

I mean, there is a reason its initials are VD. I bet you more people contract syphilis on Valentine’s Day than on any other day of the year. What a cause for celebration. (Bianca Piper, The DUFF)


And just in case I haven’t totally killed Valentine’s Day for you with that one, this is for all you math lovers out there—a Valentine—from me to you.

Solve for i:

9x – 7i > 3(3x – 7u)

And in case you're not a math nerd lover, the solution's near the end of today's post.




Is it because I get to teach math all day? Or spend the evening with my kids and husband? Or is it because I have tap class tomorrow night?

Well, these things are all fabulous, but uh… no. My enthusiasm stems from a book.

Yep – a book.

Tomorrow ANGEL (Maximum Ride 7)hits the stores and well, it is my all-time favorite. Those of you who stood in line before midnight to see premieres of Twilight or Harry Potter or Star Wars (oh wait—me that was), well… that’s how I am with this book series. Last year, I broke down the doors at B&N to buy the sixth one. This year, as tempted as I am to skip work and read the whole thing in two euphoric hours, I’ve decided to wait until after school, after I tutor, after I spend time with the hubby and kids at dinner, and jet to Sams Club before my tap class. And subsequently be a zombie at work Tuesday because I’m certain I’ll stay up half the night to read it.

In case you’re not a complete Maximum Ride freak like moi, here’s why it gets me more excited than most four-year olds at Christmas...

1) James Patterson wrote it – you know – king of the page-turners

2) High-flying adventures, non-stop action, and a little bit of romance (uh… SOLD!)

3) Maximum Ride – the snarky fourteen-year old protag (um… so inner me) Her voice is one of the main reasons I keep reading.

4) A flock of friends—Fang (her taciturn bff), Iggy (blind but cooks a mean chicken fricassee), Nudge (aka motor-mouth tween), Gazzy (eight-year old bent on living up to his name), and mind-reading (yes – I did say MIND-READING) six-year old Angel.

Here’s how Max describes them and their precarious upbringing…

Basically, we're pretty cool, nice, smart - but not 'average' in any way. The six of us - me, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, and Angel - were made on purpose, by the sickest, most horrible 'scientists' you could possibly imagine. They created us as an experiment. An experiment where we ended up only 98% human. That other 2% has had a big impact, let me tell you.

They're kids with wings. Yep – can fly and do a lot of other cool things. And when they’re not trying to evade the baddies who created them or want to use them in some sort of sick evil way, they help people, fight for causes, and well… grow up.

And I heart all six of them completely.

If you’ve not read Maximum Ride, start with The Angel Experiment (still appropriate for V-Day). Trust me—it’s one heckuva ride.

Oh - the solution to the MATH thing…

9x – 7i > 3(3x – 7u)

9x – 7i > 9x – 21u

-7i > - 21u

i <3 u


So, peeps. Enjoy tomorrow. Happy VD!

Just uh… try not to catch one.


  1. This is really clever. May I steal your math thingy?

  2. I agree about Justn Beiber and I have an obssesed teen, ugh. Hope you got your book! Nice to meet you!


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