Saturday, February 19, 2011

Insanity Update: #252

This post is to all my new crusaders and fellow bloggers and well, okay - it's for everyone.

I joined this really cool crusade last week and here's why it's totally fantabulous: I am meeting a lot of really neat aspiring authors! And I find that when I stop by I want to read their posts (sometimes more than one), and then sometimes I find myself leaving these really long comments and then fifteen minutes later I realize I've only visited one blog on my list of 200.

And so if I haven't visited you yet, please forgive me. I'm getting there. I'm just seriously having too much fun in the process. :)

Other things on my weekend plate:

Finish reading House Rules for my book club

Write a review on this totally amazeballs book I finished, um... over a week ago.

FIX THE FRONT END OF MY NOVEL!!! (sorry, peeps - this one's taking priority)

Step up to my first Crusader challenge (PS - very excited)

Vacuum (ugh)

Grade papers (Thank goodness Monday's a teacher workday)

I guess I should just jump all over that to-do list.


it's, like, seventy degrees and beautimous in North Carolina.


So, the Queen of Procrastination is issuing a formal proclamation:

I'm ignoring everything for a few hours (will pay for me-created insanity later) and going OUTSIDE. I might wash my car. I will probably take a walk. I may read. Play soccer with my children. But I'm def going out to enjoy the winter reprieve.

And if it's nice where you are, I think you should procrastinate too! Time is fleeting. Enjoy life's little pleasures while you can. My to-do list can wait a few hours. How about yours? What can YOU procrastinate today?


  1. I'm procrastinating procrastinating. =) That and breakfast. Yikes. Hope you enjoy your sunshine--it's always sunny here in FL.

  2. Hmm I'm already way too good at procrastinating. Yesterday I made covers for my WIPs instead of actually writing them..

    Have fun enjoying the weather though :).

  3. Love this! I procrastinated today by going to my first JMU basketball game. FUN!

    And then I watched TOY STORY 3 (*tearsville!*) and TOY STORY 1 (I watched 2 last weekend when it was on TV).

    Don't feel bad for procrastinating in this way -- it will replenish you for when you really need to buckle down. You totes deserve a little R&R! :D

  4. Stop encouraging me to procrastinate! I can do that all on my own. Hee hee!
    By the way, just dropping by to introduce myself as a fellow crusader and new follower. I'm off to tackle challenge #1 now. =)

  5. Hope you enjoy the nice weather (I'd forgotten there was an 'outside', huh) and come back and bust through your to-do list!
    - Sophia.

  6. Another crusader here dropping by - I, too, get awfully involved with posting! Good to meet you.

  7. I can't believe how long it took just to follow blogs, not even twitter as well (still to do!) so the commenting is definitely sporadic. It is funny though when a great post catches your eye and your like, really should play with the kids, comment or subscribe to more blogs aargh! I got a reprieve to go to church and do the groceries and I love taking dog outside and just staring at trees. Really need to see someone about that sometime ;)

  8. I would procrastinate if I had time. I feel like I did enough procrastination yesterday but we ran errands all day. Still catching up here. Fellow crusader and follower. We are also in the same group so I am excited to get to know everyone.

  9. I agree about the Crusade - it's easy to get sucked into commenting on a few and spending all your time that way :D

    It's great meeting all these new people!


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