Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let The Games Begin

Three weeks ago I became a soccer widow. My husband coaches girls soccer at his high school, he coaches a classic traveling team, and he’s the go-to person for this, that, and the other soccer thing. He’s at practice every day after school, then two nights for the club team when he doesn’t have games with his high school girls. Weekends? A two- four-hour drive for an hour and a half game. Sprinkle in an overnighter in a hotel or a tournament in a town I’ve never heard of and well—I don’t see a lot of the hubs from February to May.

I should be sad about this, right? He spends less time around the house. He’s gone many nights during the week. I’m left to chauffeur the kids to their own soccer practices and dance classes and birthday parties. And—ugh—I have to figure out what’s for dinner. Worse—make it. So I guess I should be in mourning. Wearing black every day (oh wait—I do anyway). I should be grieving the loss of my husband for four months.

Instead, I’m happy.


1) I looooove soccer. I love watching my husband’s girls play soccer.

2) On some home game nights, my kids get to run around with their friends while I watch the game catch up with old friends.

3) The rare weekend I accompany him on his soccer adventures—FUN!!!

And the real reason for my recently widowed bliss:

4) Away games + congratulatory/consolation beer beers after the game = guilt-free writing for me

Yep. I want my husband out of the house so I can write.

There. I said it. I’m a selfish cotton-headed ninnymuggin.

It’s not that I want my husband gone all the time. I don’t. But the few nights I can stay up late writing on nights he’s not there means I’ll be able to spend quality time with him when he is. His coaching soccer creates quite the symbiotic relationship.

Tomorrow night my husband’s girls have their first official game. (PS—Go Cards!) And while the end of an exhausting work week usually spells an early Friday night, I’m staying up. Late. And enjoying some time with my imaginary friends.

So bring on the games—lots of them.

Cause while my hubby’s got game, I’m about to get my write on.

And that makes for one selfish happy aspiring author.

So, how about you? Do you secretly relish your significant other’s absence? What do you do when he/she is gone?


  1. Yes! I make my husband plan something two nights a week so I can write without him around. I love him to death, but he's not always quiet when he's on the computer or playing his video games here in the house :) I need it quiet for concentration.

    Have fun getting your write on!

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  3. I laughed with this blog, bc *sometimes* I have the same guilty wishes! LOL.
    And of course, when he isn't home I WRITE!! :D
    Still, in case he reads this, I still have a great time when he's around.

  4. Maurice and I are both writers so I don't write when he's not here actually... I clean the house!! LOL! But I do look forward to the time actually to do a little cleaning, some blogging and listening to music that I don't listen to when he's here. Thanks for the comment on my WIP BTW!!

  5. I used to hate it when my husband travelled, but now that the kids are older, it actually makes things much easier on me when he goes out of town for a few days. Not too long, mind you, but once it in a while it's nice to have some extra writing time. :)


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