Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Someone Like...

Road Trip Wednesday is a "Blog Carnival," where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question and answer it on their own blogs.

This week, YA Highway is celebrating the release of Kirsten Hubbard's book, Like Mandarin!

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It was published by Delacorte yesterday. In honor of that, she's launched a new Like Mandarin guest blog tour, featuring posts from YA authors like Beth Revis, Mindi Scott, Elana Johnson, Lisa Schroeder, Daisy Whitney, Lindsey Leavitt, Michelle Hodkin, and more!

In Like Mandarin, 14-year-old Grace Carpenter would give anything to be like 17-year-old Mandarin Ramey -- the bold, carefree wild girl of their small Wyoming town. Many people experienced that sort of longing as a teen -- a longing to be like someone else. A friend, a sister, a celebrity, an acquaintance, a cousin, a teacher or, as in Grace's case, a girl you thought had no idea you existed.

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So in honor of Like Mandarin's release, this week's road trip topic...

I interpreted this question two ways, so of course I'm going to give both responses!

First, when I was in high school, I would have given anything to be like my friends who could sing. Throughout my teen daze, I was always involved with some sort of play or musical. I could dance circles around most people. I had my share of leads in plays. But musicals...ugh. I mean, I could hold my own in the chorus, but scoring solos? Not so much.

My friends who charmed audiences as Dorothy (The Wiz) or Mary (Jesus Christ Superstar) always seemed to go to the hottest parties, have the coolest boyfriends. They had it all. And I would've traded a gihugic bucket of brain cells and my big toes for a chance to play Fastrada in Pippin or Rizzo in Grease. To sing like Lea Michele? Wow.

So, yeah. I was a Rachel (GLEE) wannabe.

Second, if I could throw myself into any book, I would have given anything to be like Max from uh...Maximum Ride. My inner teen is in squee mode whenever I read those books. I mean, really...the girl has wings. She can fly. And she's snarkier than The DUFF's Bianca Piper. She experiences the rollercoaster highs and lows exploring unfamiliar relationship territory with the boy who's been her best friend her whole life. Evading danger and risk-taking are the norm.

So, yeah...I would've given anything to sing. And to fly. Maybe both at the same time. Or not.

How about YOU? Who would you have given anything to be like?

And don't forget to check out Like Mandarin and Kirsten's cool giveaways!


  1. Ooh, I'm with you on the singing thing! I can't carry a tune at all, and growing up I was always envious of girls who could.

  2. Whenever I went to the school musicals, I would get envious of all of them, so I totally understand!

  3. I wanted to sing, too. It's not that I even cared about singing, but in order to get cast in any of our middle school or high school plays you had to be able to sing. And I desperately wanted to act but couldn't carry a tune. Which is why I was on in the costume department wishing we'd just do one play that didn't involve music.

  4. I think in high school I wanted to be YOU! I could sing decently, but I had no sense of rhythm or grace. In show choir, I'd position myself at the back of the stage so that no one could see me trip over my feet lol.

    (And I LOVE Max Ride. She is my hero.)

  5. Did you ever try out for American Idol?

  6. Those are both great answers!

    And I was the opposite of you...I could sing well and dance okay, but my acting left me with only the "sweet and innocent" parts (I didn't have much range).

  7. I always wished I could sing. only my shower & my empty car get to hear that.

    thanks for participating!

  8. Interesting! My WIP involves musical drama and a teen who can do the comedy part, but not the drama. (or doesn't want to!)

  9. I feel your pain. I can sing - good enough for show choir, not good enough for solos. :\ I can't even watch American Idol b/c good or bad, it makes me cringe too much.

  10. Good answers! I had major envy for the girls in the drama club, too. I always wanted to break out of behind-the-scenes, but I was way too shy for that.

  11. Great choices. The Maximum Ride books are really good and Max is a great character. I can totally understand wanting to sing.

  12. ha! i, too, was a rachel berry wannabe, but during my high school years, i got really self-conscious about my changing voice (for non-singers, yes, women's voices change, too, in a different but still annoying way). i learned a lot about how to rock a harmony line, but i missed out on a lot of opportunities because i was too embarrassed to sing solo anymore. i'm loving all of the answers this week!

  13. I always wanted to be able to sing, too! It seems like so many group activities involve singing, and I always wished I could be one of those people who belted it out and sounded good.

  14. I've always wanted to be able to sing. Mostly when I try though my roommate just looks at me and says, "Stop. Just...stop." So I pretty much just relegate it to the shower.

  15. To sing and fly at the same time - so you wanted to be an angel when you grew up? Grin - congrats - you did it. Big smile!

  16. ohmigosh yes! i so wanted to be able to sing and dance and do all of that. that would've been awesome. i, however, like steph, have to restrict my vocal talents to the shower :D

  17. Singing and flying sound like pretty great talents. I'm like you with singing - I'm fine, but not extraordinary. It's still fun to play Rockband and karaoke, though. :)

    And btw, 'gihugic'? Awesome.

  18. Singing I can do, flying not so much. Both are good choices to aspire to though.
    - Sophia.

  19. Hi Alison! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm excited to meet you this weekend too!

    I'm TOTALLY in the same boat with you on the "I can do plays but I can't do musicals" thing. I had a solo once and it Even my parents said they cringed <--how's THAT for parental support? ;)

  20. I wanted to be a better dancer...or gymnast...or basketball player...and the list could get really long :)

    Great post.

    By the way, I want to interview on my blog soon, could you email me...I can't find your email address :)

    Unless you don't want to be interviewed, but it will be so much fun :)


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