Sunday, March 6, 2011

Write Brained 24/7

I’m in pimp mode, peeps. Today I’m giving props to a fab bunch of writers.

And inviting you to become one of them.

I’m a member of the Write-Brained (WB) Network, “a talented and motivated group of knowledgeable and supportive writers of various genres, stages, and levels of writing.” We’re over a hundred members strong—members who are established authors, up-and-coming authors, recently agented writers, newbies to writing, poets, short story extraordinaires—you name it, the WB’s got it.

Ricki Schultz, a freelance writer who also interviews literary agents for the Guide to Literary Agents blog and contributes to Writer’s Digest Books, created the WB in 2009 as a way to connect with other writers as a way of cultivating her own, as well as others’, writing. She also saw the online group as a means to stay in touch with people she’d met at conferences.

Of course, like anything, the experience is totally what you make of it, but here’s what the WB could offer you:

1) Pass-word protected network with other writers from all over the world

2) Find beta readers and critique partners

3) Critique Corner – You can post queries, first pages of novels, short stories—and receive some pretty amazing feedback in a secure environment

4) Both writing and non-writing book reviews

5) Monthly online chat with featured discussion topics ranging from querying to voice. This month’s chat topic: Plotters and Pantsers—excited!

6) Word Watchers – an amazing program designed to motivate you to write, write, write!!! (I blogged about it here)

7) Within the network chapters (I’m a proud member of the YAwesome Writers!—You could be too!)

8) Upcoming conferences—in one centralized location (no more searching!!!)

Oh yeah…here’s the totally I’ve got you hooked now part…

9) It’s free

Well, donations are accepted to maintain the site, but yeah, still free.

And…AND…even more amazing—the WB is hosting its first ever conference September 10, 2011!!! And it’s only, like, $45 to go! Here’s a bigger blurb…

The workshop will feature authors, editors, and agents speaking on everything from first pages to building your platform. Click here for a schedule, a list of speakers, and a chance to register.

It’ll be an amazing day of networking and learning. I’m in. How ‘bout you?!

Honestly, for me, the best thing about the WB has been new found friends. There are a few people on the WB who I’d trust completely with my writing (and other stuff too!). It’s just nice to friend someone who’s at a similar writing stage with similar writing experiences in a secure and nurturing community.

For me - it was just the write way to go.

So—an awesome online writing group and a fantabulous workshop just two clicks away. What are you waiting for?!


  1. Wow! This seems way too cool! I'll have to check it out and join. I just love learning more about writing and being motivated, thanks for sharing! :D

  2. That does seem really cool. Will have to weigh up if I have time for yet another forum though. I'd love an MG beta reader though. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the pimpage, woman! Looking forward to meeting some new Write-Brainiacs! :)

  4. This looks like an amazing opportunity. I am going to check it out. I always love meeting new people and finding new things to learn about writing. Thanks for the info.

  5. Thanks for the links - I'll check it out!

  6. sounds good - going over to give it a look - thanks for it

  7. This sounds great! I will have to check it out :P I hope to be seeking a beta reader kind of soon.

  8. This sounds really great, Alison. I'll definitely check it out.

  9. Thanks everyone! I hope you all have just as rewarding an experience as I've had!

  10. Very cool. I think I read your previous post about this and made a mental note to get there. Going now.


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