Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lessons Learned

Patience is not in a three year old’s vocabulary. It’s not in mine either.

Teenagers don’t enjoy simplifying rational expressions—no matter how fun you try to make it.

Don’t carry four year olds down old wooden steps.

Disney World never loses its magic.

Pulling two all-nighters in a row turns you into a zombie for a month.

Alphabetizing CDs and organizing closets are fabulous ideas—unless you have children.

Band-Aids cannot heal broken hearts. Well, unless it’s a SpongeBob Band-Aid.

Being a big fish in a small pond is great. Until you audition for Hershey Park.

Sorry is not always enough.

An hour meltdown is NOT worth saying “no” to the dollar aisle.

Neither is obsessing over open drawers.

Pick your battles.

Sometimes it really is better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission.

There are some people you CAN’T trust with your work.

And some people you can depend on for EVERYTHING.

Kinston Indians games are extraordinary places to find a soul mate.

Visiting Washington DC is so much better as an adult.

Twilight and Harry Potter are the EXCEPTION.

Silence is bliss.

Ignoring something will not make it disappear.

Sometimes it’s okay to be lazy. Or procrastinate.

Rum is a four letter word.

I cry at the end of every movie. And book. Seriously.

Dance bags and 120 degree stages are not conducive to the health of a skinny eighteen year old.

Slamming doors is not going to remedy a situation. It just shatters glass and leaves you with a big mess to clean up.

Practice really does make better.

Sometimes seventeen year olds act like third graders. Sometimes they act older than you.

Worrying is the biggest time suck. And wrinkle-producer.

You can’t get back your first kiss.

Four month olds don’t understand the importance of sleep.

Make sure if you're going to get an amazeballs tattoo that you double check the spelling.

I can accomplish something if I REALLY want to. Like write two books in seven months. Or lose sixty pounds of Aidan fat.

God always seems to know when I need a lift. Or when I need to be knocked off my pedestal.

And that I absopositively can accomplish NOTHING without Him.

Every day, every moment is truly a learning experience.

FortyTwenty-nine years of living has taught me a lot. A LOT. Some have been harsh lessons. Others profound mind zaps. Some lessons find their way into my stories. To others I say, “Forget you.”

Soooo - what lessons have YOU learned this week?


  1. You are many more lesson waiting for you, trust me...:)

  2. I think I've learned that I must be the only female in existence who's not going to pull the "I'm 29" line when I turn 30 (later this year.)

  3. Loved reading all your lessons learned. We share a lot of them. Great post!

  4. So many good tips. Thank you, I might have learned one or two new ones. And some were obvious - HP and Twilight, dah. ^^

    Nahno ∗ McLein

  5. Lots of life lessons but still plenty of room for more methinks. I have an award for you over here on my blog!
    - Sophia.

  6. I learnt (again) that it's better to be honest about your limitations than pretend you don't have any. People will respect you more for it.

  7. These are great! I don't know what I can add. I love the one about an hour melt down is not worth saying No in the dollar aisle. Hahahaha!

    Great to meet you!

  8. Okay--seriously--I know I was a math nerd, but my roommate and I just agreed that we loved simplifying rational expressions in high school. Factoring, and getting things to cancel out--I know I loved it when I was in your class. :-)

  9. Brilliant post! I feel I have been lesson-free this year--just banging my head on the same wall. But I have learned you have to let go of some things in order to fully grasp a new thing.


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