Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for Octopus

I want to be an octopus. No, really I do. To have eight arms—eight! Imagine the possibilities. I could type four novels at the same time. I could pour milk, make breakfast, pack lunches, and tie up the garbage—all at once! I could write an example on the white board, type functions into the calculator, write up that kid texting in the corner—and sign two bathroom passes.

What would be even better—if they were Elasti-girl stretchy arms.

Eight arms would be great, right? Or eight legs. I’d even take eight eyes on the back of my head. Or eight clones—now THAT would be cool.

So, how about YOU? What would you like eight of?


  1. Fabulous, me too! I don't know how you novel writers do it. The only down side would be if the arms got mixed up and you got coffee on your laptop and the stories all mixed up. Maybe Octopuses are cleverer than that :)

  2. Yep, I can see the advantages.

    A-Z Fellow Challenger
    Holly Ruggiero’s POV

  3. God, wouldn't that be wonderful! I could check out three books at a time to my students, grade a set of tests, work on both of my novels, eat lunch, write lesson plans, and call that annoying parent who must talk to me daily.

    The only thing that would be better than eight arms would be 16! Great post!

  4. This is a great idea. There would be so many things that we could get done. It would bring a whole new meaning to the word multi-tasking! :)

  5. That would be cool, especially with the elastigirl stretch. In fact, that might be a must have if I'm going to have eight arms. Otherwise it just might get too crowded.

    I don't think I could write four novels at once though. I'd need at least four brains. Bummer. Maybe after I get eight arms I could work out the four brains. :)

  6. Ha. This is great, Alison. :)
    I agree with Michelle though that you'd need four brains to writer four books at once.
    A lot of good drama opportunities though...
    Great picture, too!

  7. It sounds good on paper...but...(LOL). Cool graphic.

  8. There is a very funny kids book about a mom with 20 arms. Don't we all feel that way sometimes.

  9. 8 arms could get tricky and tangled so maybe 8 clones for me:-) Stop in & read O is for Orion

  10. Eight pieces of dark chocolate everyday without the calories. Eight arms and legs would be great, too.

  11. Ummm, good question, but I had to laugh when I saw you are a teacher (as am I) and the kids already think we have eight sets of eyes; in the back of our head!
    fun post...I think I'd like 8 extra hours in a day so I could sleep those 8 hours and then have the other 24 to do what I want and need to do...

  12. Eight arms would just mean I'd be expected to get eight X as much housework done! Although my WPM would skyrocket! hmmmm


  13. I'd go for the eight clones, for sure!

  14. Brains. I need eight brains and one would be especially for math because I'm just absolutely terrible at math.

    I'm sorry it took me so long to get over here. I had a complete brain fart on the A-Z challenge. See, I need eight brains.

    O's not a bad place to start.

    I'll be back.

  15. I've always been a fan of 2 of me instead of 8 arms. If there were 2 of me, then one can go to the day job while one stays home and does other stuff.

  16. I'd go for the eight cones! :)


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