Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for Spring Break/T is for Thank God

I’m officially on spring break (delayed much?). Here are my big plans for the week:

1) Sleep
2) Go to the beach
3) Sleep at the beach

Haha – kidding. Well, I plan to do those things, but there are a few more, like spend time with the family I hardly ever see, read, catch up on critiquing, and uh, RELAX (not sure if that’s possible for me, but maybe)

Oh, yeah—and WRITE.

My soul needs serious resurrection as does my WIP. So I’m devoting some major time to it next week.

And I. Cannot. Wait.

Spring break is here. And I am majorly thankful. Here are a few more things/people I’m grateful for: God, family, friends, job (some days), chocolate. Dance. My netbook. You. God has blessed me. Big time.

PS—in case you didn’t notice, I cheated on my S-T blog in a one-two post. I’m taking the weekend off from writing blogs. And catching up on reading them. So until Monday, peeps. Happy Easter.

How about YOU? Anything you’re looking forward to next week?


  1. Sounds like the makings of a great Spring Break. This A-Z has completely taken me away from my WIP-plan is to hit it big time in May, finish in June, revise in July/Aug. We'll see.

  2. Beach! Beach and pool actually. That is what I have been doing on spring break. Not too much writing though which is why I posted my R today. Seems I'm a little behind.

    Happy Easter!

  3. My Easter vacation started today, too; gotta love private schools. Going to the beach sounds like a great idea!

  4. Happy chocolate bunnies to you!!

  5. Enjoy your break and have a happy Easter! I adore the beach, I'm jealous. I plan on going offline as well but first I wanted to get around and catch up on a lot of the blogs I've missed. (Don't forget to eat chocolate, but not at the beach, it will melt and get sand in it.)

  6. Happy Easter, and enjoy your spring break! Sounds like it'll be full of lots of wonderful things. Hope all goes well with the writing next week.

    No big plans here other than working next week and working on my WIP as well. Hope the weather here is a bit warmer than it has been.

  7. Spend time with family and WRITE. And I'm going to read your chapters, which I'm completely looking forward to :) And enter that Writer's Digest Short contest.


  8. no spring break for me. enjoy your R & R !
    Great meeting you through the A-Z!


  9. Have fun on the beach, and all the best with that writing.

    I'm finally taking a break next week at the end of a very busy season.

    Now I'm following two Alison(s).

    Life on The Farm

  10. Well, I'm hoping to hear that I get off the waiting list for the Odyssey workshop! Wish me luck.

    That's great - congratulations on this little bit of your dream!

    I'm starting up a 'Critiquing and Supportive Crusaders' program, where participants in the Second Crusade can find other writers to exchange critiques with or form supportive critiquing circles. If you're interested, come by The Kelworth Files to check it out!

  11. Cheating is okay by me, I know how tempting it is! :D This A-Z thing is insane!!

    Happy Easter!


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