Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V is for Vulnerable

Crack open rib cage; expose heart.

That’s how I feel when I hand off my work to someone. Leaves me with this amazing sense of vulnerability. I write some fairly edgy stuff, sometimes sappy love scenes, other times I’m a complete NERD. What if people say, “I can’t believe she wrote this.” Or what if they think I completely suck. I feel the same way with my blog—it takes me FOREVER to hit Publish Post.

Just the thought of other people’s reactions brings this image to mind


But sharing my work is an essential part of the process. Exposing my work heart to people who can help me grow as a writer, who can give me insights on plot holes or reality checks on how teenagers really operate. I beast my bout with vulnerability, and I just do it. I share my work. And I thicken my skin for the reactions. Some people love my stuff. Others don’t. Believe it or not, not everyone’s a Twilight fan. There are some people who weren’t totally enthralled by Harry Potter (gasp). It’s okay if someone doesn’t care for my story (sniff). It’s the feedback that matters.

Oh—PS—it’s totally okay to share with people I know will love, love, love my story—no matter how suck-worthy it is. These are my die hard fans. And I need their constant encouragement.

So here’s my heart, peeps.

Try not to burn it . . . too bad.

What's YOUR V-spot? Anything you have trouble sharing with others?


  1. It's difficult to share the negative stuff. It's like there's a myth of success that surrounds one after a while and we fear admitting any defeat.
    I remember that moment in Temple of Doom. We now have PG13 because of it!

  2. I know what you mean. Got blasted last night at my critter group by one person. She doesn't understand my dark humor. Everyone else in the group loves it. TO each his own.

    Anyway, I've awarded you an award but need to post it for ya.



  3. Try telling yourself that not everyone can like your work, just as you don't like all work (like Twilight - join the club). Remember too, everyone gets criticized. Take it on board, shrug your shoulders and...forget about it!

  4. I think your feelings are pretty common in the writing world. We have to be vulnerable and have skin as thick as a rhino's at the same time.

  5. I know exactly what you mean. It's hard putting ourselves out there. Most days, I'm tempted to just hide under my desk. That said, I'm readying my WIP for a new reader and have only hyperventilated twice now thinking about it. Make that three times...

    And yeah, I find it hard to believe there are some non Harry Potter fanatics out in the world.

  6. Just as excellence and perfection are not the exact same thing, we are not our work. We invest much of ourselves in it, if it's to be any good, we have to care about it, but at the end of the day, we have to be able to draw a line and say, "I'm over HERE, and my work is over THERE."

    Even if people think a particular piece of my work is total crap, that doesn't mean they think I'm total crap. (Or that I have to go by their opinion in any event.)

    This is the only way I can grit my teeth and get through the critique that is oh, so necessary!

  7. Good to see you put this out. We all are vulnerable though some hide it better than others!

  8. I have that same fear! the moment I hit send or publish post, I want to get it back.
    Funny, the person I am most nervous about reading my work is my husband. He has had to ask repeatedly to read my stories before I would let him. I wonder why that is?

  9. It makes me nervous to let other people read my work (especially the very first person to read new piece - after that it gets easier). But I start with the ones I know are going to add in some encouragement along with their suggestions. :)

  10. I thought this was a really serious post, but I couldn't stop laughing at the heart picture.

    I agree with Jan some hide it better than others. Writers are a vulnerable group. You only have to look at blog posts when people get rejected. That's why it's awesome to have writing buddies, you go girl!

  11. "Crack open rib cage; expose heart." I love that sentence.

  12. What an image, and so gut-wrenchingly true.


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