Thursday, April 28, 2011

X Marks The Spot

Easter Egg hunts, Goonies commercials, Dora the Explorer, and the story I want to write this summer have me in a one-track state of mind: Treasure hunts.

I looooove treasure hunts. It’s why I will watch Raiders of the Lost Ark until my eyes glaze over (well, the hunt AND Harrison Ford). It’s why I enjoy mystery and adventure books. Why I used to send my students on wild math goose chases.

But you don’t always need a map or a grand adventure to find your X-Marks-The-Spot, do you?


Here are some small-ish treasures I enjoy uncovering in my sheltered little life:

1) My son’s smile when he sleeps

2) A two-hour delay

3) An email from my daughter’s teacher—telling me she’s won an art award

4) A 95 from the student who worked really hard to get it

5) Surprise gift card from my husband

6) Write-ins with amazing writing friends

7) A wall post from a former student when I’m having, like, the worst day ever.

8) A request in the midst of rejections

9) Sitting in the backyard with my husband—in comfy silence

10) Watching twenty first-graders scramble for Easter Eggs

11) A surprise York Peppermint Patty on my desk

12) A clean house after a long day at work

13) Reading with my children

And there are so many more, but these are a few things I like to “dig up.” How about YOU? What are your favorite treasures?


  1. A surprise phone call from my stepdaughter with my grandbaby saying Hi gamma, I wuv u.

  2. OMG, these are great!! Yesterday we had inside recess and one of my preschoolers (who's pretty new to our school) asked me if he could roll on the mats. When I said yes, he said "I love you, teacher." :)

    Also, I'm watching Dora right now. We're looking for the number 8.

  3. Treasure hunts are awesome! Maybe that's why I loved the cartoon Cities of Gold so much :D

  4. 1. My daughters calling jsut to tell me they love me.

    2. Holding Sweetman's hand while I fall asleep at night.

    3. Being greeted by my dogs after a long day at work.

    Very nice post.

  5. I love this post! Hmmm...watching my daughter PR in her track meet (she had two of those today - hooray!)

  6. I love treasure hunts too! And Harrison Ford :) Have you seen National Treasure 1 and 2? They are excellent treasure hunt type movies. Also, have you geocached? That is a real treasure hunt although the treasure is something like an eraser.

    As for my personal treasures:
    - when my 5 year old says with a determined look on his face "I'm going to be a mad scientist when I grow up. I've already had training (6 weeks of afterschool science class)

    -when my 8 year old tells me "that's what it's like to have boys!"

  7. Nice nostalgic post. You just reminded me how I miss some of those wonderful things. My two sons are grown and sometimes when I crave to pick them up and hold them, I start to cry. Treasure the tiny moments.

  8. Such a cute post, Alison! Tearing through a good book and watching a film spur of the moment and discovering it is the most hilarious film I have ever seen (The Hangover) and an instant favourite are some fun treasures.
    - Sophia.


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