Wednesday, May 11, 2011

RTW: Voice Over

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This Week's Topic:

Some audiobooks are read by celebrities. Most recently, Cassandra Clare's CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS was partly read by Ed Westwick of Gossip Girl.

So, if you got to choose a celebrity narrator for the audio book of your WIP or your favorite novel, who would it be and why?

My main characters in two of my projects are skinny introverted brunettes armed with intelligence and a side of wry snark.

Oh wait - I just described myself. Weird.

Anyway, they're endearing, smart, snarky. At times feisty and slightly off-beat. Who could pull that off?

Ellen Page.

I'm thinking Juno Ellen Page (because that's about the only movie I think I've seen her in - NO I haven't seen Inception!)

Juno's quirky. Definitely snarky. Maybe not so much introverted as she is independent. And soooo hilarious.

And...AND she gets to deliver totally epic lines like "This is not a food baby, alright? I've taken, like, three pregnancy tests, and I'm fo'shizz up the spout."

Okay - so maybe my characters aren't completely Juno-esque, but I'm convinced Ellen could breathe life to my characters. Or voice. Or whatever.

And Ellen's favorite food is sushi. Winner right there.

How about YOU? If you got to choose a celebrity narrator for the audio book of your WIP or your favorite novel, who would it be?


  1. I know what Ellen Page sounds like, but I've never seen Juno.

  2. I haven't thought that far. I'm still working on what actors will play my characters.

  3. This is such a fabulous choice! I cannot believe I forgot Ellen, she has an amazing voice. If she can make her lines in Juno sound completely natural, she could totally rock an audiobook!

  4. You can't go wrong with Ellen Page

  5. I loved Ellen Page in Juno - she was just brilliant!

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