Friday, June 10, 2011

The End Is Near!

It’s not 2012. Not Armageddon. Or Apocalypse Now. It’s not even Judgment Day May 21, 2011. (oh wait—we survived that one)

No people, it’s not the end of the world. But in a few short days, I will die and go to heaven for two months. Beach heaven, that is. Yep. School’s just about out for summer, baby. Today is my last day with the drama my teenagers. A few workdays next week. Then two months of recupe time. And this chick has major plans – to read, write, and relax.

Uh-huh. By the end of the summer I hope to finish the WIP, read A LOT, and have a new ethnicity. The writing will definitely be getting some serious attention, as will my most neglected family. But no worries! I’m not going to shortchange you guys! Nope. I’ll have more time to blog, read your fabulous posts, and add to my own.

So, in honor of my imminent utopia, I’m saying goodbye to the blahggy blue and breathing in a bit of vibrance. And whispering promises of book reviews for all these amazeballs books I’ve been reading. I’ll definitely be hosting some contests! And maybe add a few more helpful posts about writing (instead of all the whiny ones). I plan to post at least one more time per week, maybe even develop (*gasp*) a schedule.

PS—the blog will change umpteen times before I’m satisfied with it. Next week I might have a beach background, the next week monkeys. I’ll be a little moody—in a whimsical, wild sort of way.

So, any big plans on YOUR summer agenda?


  1. I love summer, too! My plans are ... to keep loving summer!

    Looking forward to seeing what other iterations your blog design goes through. ;)

  2. Very summery love it! I hope I can get lots done, I've got visitors all summer vacation :(

  3. Enjoy your two months without the drama!

  4. Write. Edit. Hair lop. Clean. Cook. Run errands. Nothing too special. Can't forget blogging.

  5. It all sounds heavenly. Enjoy!
    I plan on soaking up plenty of rays too.

  6. Yay on your utopia. Sounds nice.

  7. Yay, summer! I'm look forward to less running around and a little more relaxing too.

  8. Enjoy your summer!

    I plan to read, write, spend time with family, and look for jobs. Oh, and query.

  9. I LOVE the new look :) I actually thought I was lost when it brought up your blog. I'm taking a blog hiatus for July due to vacation and time with the fam...and time to polish a few revisions on my WIP. Anyway, I hope you have a great break! Sounds like you have some fun plans.


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