Sunday, June 5, 2011

Game On!

Alex Cavanaugh is hosting It’s All Fun & Games Blogfest today! All you have to do - list your three most favorite games and why. Board games, card games, RPG, video games, physical games, drinking games - even mind games! If it’s a game you enjoy playing, it’s worth sharing.

Fun! I love games. I just wish I had more time to play them. *sigh* Bu-ut, I am going to have amazing fun blog-hopping to see what every one listed as their favorites. Here are mine!

Bananagrams - yep. Big word nerd here, but I love, love, love this game. Players race against each other to build crossword grids and use all their letter tiles first. It's dubbed "the anagram game that will drive you bananas!"

Well, it doesn't drive me bananas- just my family. Especially when they're whipping out words like amaze and ball, and I turn over my twenty-one tiles and can't help seeing words like exacerbate or conundrum. And then use all my tiles before anyone forms their second word.

Um, yeah...I pretty much play solitaire bananagrams now.

Of course I love soccer! When I said yes to my soccer coach husband's proposal (on New Years *smile*) seventeen years ago, I agreed to marry him and soccer.

But I really, really do love soccer. I rarely (only when my husband makes me) play myself, but I get enough of an adrenaline rush from watching it. The breath-taking headers, gorgeous finishes, diving saves. Gut-punching intensity when the game's all tied up in golden goal overtime. Games can get downright gritty yet still be so artistically aesthetic. And it doesn't matter the age. Whether I'm spectating my son's soccer mob ball game or my hubby's high school teams or the US National team live and in person on television, I enjoy every minute of it.

PS - those are some of my husband's girls in the photos (beating rival teams, thank you)

Finally, one of my favorite games to play and watch is one of my own creation. Math teaching is my day job, and well, math is just not so easy for everybody (really?). So I've developed games that help my students learn and have fun simultaneously. And uh, sadly, most of the super fun ones stem from, er...drinking games.

Anyone know 99? Toss out playing cards, try to get the value of the pile close to 99 without going over 99. Um, inspiration for Log 21. The cards have basic logarithm problems on them, my kiddos find their values, toss them out, try not to get the pile to go over 21. Some cards have positive value (log525), some negative (log5(1/25)), some zero (log1(6)). So what happens when they go over 21? Do they chug, chug, chug their Aquafinas? haha, They just start all over. So original, I know. But my kids really do love it.

Soooo...there you have it. My three favorite games. Your turn! What's YOUR favorite game to watch or play?


  1. Great football shots, what a talented family! Thanks for the link to the blogfest that looks like fun.

  2. We need to try Bananagrams - looks a little like Scrabble, which I love.

  3. I think I might have been better at math if I had a teacher like you for math. I am Horrible!

  4. You've made the game of twenty-one safe for kids!
    Thanks for participating in the blogfest.

  5. Oh, I've played 99 with my nephew and nieces at my parents' house. It is a fun game. I have to go look for bananagrams. Looks fun.

  6. Bananagrams sounds like fun, I'll have to try that sometime. I'm not the best speller so that might be a little tricky.

    I love soccer. I used to play in a house league for years until I graduated high school. It's interesting how the game can change when played indoors. I mostly played during the summer (as it didn't conflict with dance lessons) but my brother played both summer and winter. The pace of the game really picks up inside.

  7. Another Bananagram lover! I'm with Claire-- I'll have to try it some time. :)

  8. I won bananagrams at a white elephant gift exchange. I consider myself very lucky for that. Love it!
    Thanks for the follow. I'm happy to do the same.

  9. I can't believe I've never heard of Bananagram! I'm a total word nerd, too. This should have shown up on my radar.

    But, uh, you lost me at logarithm. :)

  10. Ah, Soccer. We weren't a Soccer family until my youngest sibling. Now, I've really taken to the sport. I love kicking the ball around with him.

  11. I am no ballgames lover Alison...but yeah, I know you enjoyed them as I enjoyed mine!

    Thanks for the visit dear! :)

  12. If I played bananagrams, I would have to play alone as well since I'm banned from playing Scrabble. LOL.

  13. My kids introduced me to Banagrams after they started playing it in school, and then we were shocked to find it in the store in its own bright yellow banana bag. Your math game sounds great!

  14. "Word nerd" - I like it! Sums me up too. And I was very tempted to include soccer (ie. "football" as we call it over here in the UK) in my list. The beautiful game!

  15. I've seen Bananagrams mentioned before on other lists--it sounds like fun! :)

  16. First time I've come across bananagrams - that sounds like me and have always loved soccer - UK heritage! Great to have connected via Alex's blog fest.

  17. Oh, boy. I TRIED to follow that last one, teach. Really I did.

    That must have been one of those days when the dog ate my homework.

    Bananagrams sounds like fun!
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Ha ha! Love that you made teaching games out of drinking games. Whatever works!!
    Kelly Polark

  19. Hey Bananagram sister! 'Tis an awesome game, though I have to admit - I probably wouldn't want to go up against you either!

    You must be an awesome math teacher - so great that you're willing to go the extra step to help kids understand. I wish my son could be in your class.


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