Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's My Blog-o-versary! And a CONTEST for YOU!!!

Conversations in a convenience store bathroom:

Mommy (pulling at corners of eyes): I am soooo old.

Tween: You’re not old. You look like you’re in your thirties (reactive sneer from Evil Mom) Your early thirties.

7 year old: Mommy, you look like you’re in your twenties.

Tween: Oh no, Mom. You look like you’re seventeen.

7 year old: You look like you’re one!


I love my kids.

So, I’m one. Or my blog is anyway. Yep—a year ago today I came out of the writer closet, cracked open the rib cage, and exposed my heart to the world wide web.

How am I celebrating my first blog-o-versary? All week I’ll re-post some of my faves AND I’ll throw in a little contest for you!

First, let's talk


I've read some pretty cool books lately, and I wanted to share some of them with you. Here's what could be on YOUR TBR plate:

Or . . .OR you could just pick out your own book with a $15 Amazon gift certificate.

So yep - that's what's up for grabs! You could win one of eight books or an Amazon gift card. What do you have to do?


Yep - that's it. Leave a comment. Every day you leave a comment this week (Sunday July 10 through Friday July 15), you get an entry in my contest. OOOH! And while you don't have to follow my blog, or tweet, or blog about my fab-o contest, I will give you extra entries if you do!

So here's the recap on the entry thing:

+1 for every day you comment

+2 if you're an old faithful (follower, that is)PS - let me know this. I AM forty and mucho forgetful.

+1 if you're a new follower

+3 if you tweet about the contest (leave a link in the comment one day please)

+5 if you blog about it or attach the contest news to your sidebar! (leave that linkage too!)

So enter away, peeps! Contest will run until Friday July 15 11:59 EST. I'll tally up entries and announce winners on Saturday.


And now for an oldie, but goodie

Today’s post is my very first one—one year ago today. For those of you who missed it, have a good laugh.

Into The Great Wide Open
(published July 10, 2010)

Eight things you should know about me before reading this blog:

I’m a

1) mom to an ornery tween and first-grader (a boy – enough said)
2) high-school math teacher (my 24-7
real job)
3) pretentious drama queen

(Gasp) you’re still reading

4) coach’s wife
5) grad school student
6) occasional choreographer and tapping fool
7) facebook addict

And because my life isn’t filled with enough chaotic bliss…

8) I’m a writer.

PS - I’m a young adult fiction writer.

And I love it.

In the past two years, I’ve written three complete novels, two of which I’m editing, and I’m about two-thirds through two more. Did I mention I rarely sleep? And yes—to answer my colleagues’ and students’ burning questions—this is why I looked like a skeleton for four months last year. Why I reluctantly hit the pillow at midnight and sprung out of bed at four AM. Why I swore off every good television show except GLEE.


Call it my mid-life crisis. Call it my need for teen angst 24-7. Call it whatever you want.

I call it—love.

For those of you pit-stopping at my funky blog who do write, you understand the love thang—being immersed in “the zone”, the ideas and bits of dialogue that zap my brain in the middle of a logarithm lecture. That fantastical rush when an agent requests a full and the tailspin when they reject it. (PS—more on the rollercoaster writing relationship la-ter)

When people say “find your happy place”?

Dude, I have one. All. The. Time.

And now I’m writing a blog. My writing blog where I’ll discuss my experiences, share some guru tips I’ve picked up, review some books, movies, whatever. I’m wide open. I’ll come back every few days and fill you in. And while I may occasionally splatter in tales regaling my other nine lives (I’m sure I’ve got more) like students who break out in random squawking in the middle of Geometry or my six-year old’s insistence on showing off his “man-boobs”, this blog will mostly be about my funky adventures in writing.

Until then….

Yeah. Until then. Really.

So here I am. A year and a hundred some thirty posts later. And some of you are still with me. Thanks!

Andbutso, comment away! You can tell me when you started YOUR blog. Or what made you come out of your writer's closet. Or your favorite NFL team(DO NOT SAY REDSKINS!) Or you can just tell me I'm superfabulistic just to enter my contest!

Tune in tomorrow! I'll be as punchy as ever!


  1. Great idea to re-post your very first one. I didn't know you then but have become a follower since and it is nice to learn about you.

    You sound like me - 40 something with way too much to do, but somehow manage to fit it all in.

    Congrats on one year!!

  2. Happy Blog-o-versary! Hope the next year will be as or better than the first. :D

  3. My blog was started in December last year. So I'm still well under a year! Your kids are fun...hehe.

    Happy blogversary to you!!

  4. Sweet! Happy blogoversary!! Neat, and how generous you're giving US a chance for goodies! Fun prizes, oh boy.

    Old follower: +2 and +1 for commenting=3 TOTAL

  5. Happy Blogoversary! Love the convo between you and your kiddos. Their honest is endearing. :) Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  6. Happy Blogoversary! I love your blog and congrats on one year. Maybe some day I'll start a blog.

    I am an old follower = 2
    Tweeted about contest here:!/aliciacald/status/90447964899786752 = 3

    aliciacald at gmail dot com

  7. Happy Blogoversary Alison! Enjoying sharing this crazy journey with you, congrats!

  8. We are old followers, we just are really bad at commenting lately! Christy started her/our blog about a year ago and we decided to coblog last September. And those are great books!

  9. Great book choices. And yes, I guess I'm an old follower in that I've been following you since before this contest (but found you more recently than Erica and Christy). I loved Wintergirls.
    Happy Anniversary!

  10. Congrats on one year of blogging, Alison!

    +1 for this comment (meta)
    +2 for being an old follower
    +3 for tweeting
    +5 for sidebar
    = 11.

  11. Thanks for all the love, everyone!

  12. Happy blogoversery! I tweeted [!/jefishere/status/90534040679100416] and I'm an old follower. So that's 1+2+3 = 6. :)

    Congratulations and thanks for the contest.

  13. I like how you're sharing older content. Perhaps I'll do that when I'm on vacation...

    I tweeted (, I sidebarred (, I commented, and I'm old school. Total: 11

  14. awwe that truly is a grand celebration:). your kids are too cute!!!

    christina finley

  15. Happy blog-o-versary!

    I started my blog because an agent said writers should have one, but I'm glad I did because I've met some AMAZING people that I would never have had in my life otherwise.

    And go, Bengals!

  16. Happy blogoversary!! Those are some awesome books!

    +2 old follower
    +3 tweeted (!/MeredithMcP/status/91836756604882944)


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