Monday, July 25, 2011

You Call it Coincidence; I Call it Divine Inspiration

Ever feel like giving up on your WIP? Silly question, right? I know we all have days where it’s a struggle to push through. I’ve had many with the current WIP. I’ve doubted it’s authenticity. I’ve wanted to scrap it (again) and do a total rewrite. I’ve wanted to toss it under the bed and feed it to the dust bunnies.

But someone just won’t let me. Not just me. Somebody else. AKA The Big Guy. I believe He's the mastermind behind certain "coincidences" that just won't let me quit my WIP.

Ten reasons why He keeps me going:

1) I am plagued with continual doubt about the marketability of my WIP. And back in May, while I struggled to press on with the WIP, one of my super awesome CPs sent me an article detailing a book that’s been published on the very same concept.

2) I hardly ever NEVER look at my google reader, but one day I did. And stumbled upon a PK Hrezo post entitled May I Have this Dance? In it she compares honing your writer’s craft to the perseverance of an aspiring ballerina. Two of my favorite quotes:

the aspiring ballerina works diligently to become the best dancer she can

Does the aspiring ballerina stop dancing because she doesn't make the cut? Possibly. But not if she ever DOES want to make it.

The post flowed with dancer grace and re-inspired me at a time I was feeling utterly JADED with writing. Like, I was on the verge of quittsies from the current WIP. I think I’ve written about 30K since then.

3) Perfect Chemistry: I’d been drooling over this book for a while, but for some inane reason thought I had to read Rules of Attraction first. But I seemed to forget this when I saw Simone Elkeles book at the library and grabbed it off the shelf like it was the last Wal-mart Blue Ray on Black Friday. I read it. And LOVED it. Not just because the book was beyond amazing, but because I was having some serious doubts about the plausibility of my WIP’s ending. Not anymore. And, bonus, Perfect Chemistry helped me with some dual POV questions.

4) My WIP is a paranormal and I was having issues with the origins of my protag’s “skill.” And then I read Jinx—first Meg Cabot read ever (PS—loved it!) And while my paranormal element is slightly different than the one in Jinx—it has similar origins, which alleviated some serious doubts about how to “pull that one off.”

5) At the beach a few weeks back, my in-laws wanted to journey an hour and a half to the aquarium. My mind fought the idea, especially knowing we’d only have an hour to tour the aquarium, but I played good family member, went, and HOLY RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES! Let’s just say I have a few sharks in my story. And let’s just say, I’m mucho thankful I went to the aquarium that day.

6) Easy A: I’ve watched it so much I can recite the John Hughes speech verbatim, but an epiphany during view 48 was helpful. Plot and plausibility questions answered, thank you very much.

7) And speaking of movies, Varsity Blues was on the other night. And it’s NEVER on. Granted my WIP is not completely like this movie, but I do have a quarterback with some pretty outrageous friends. Watching it made me fall in love with my boys all over again.

8) Random run-in much? Yep. Just had one of those. In the most unexpected, completely random places, I run into students who’ve inspired characters in my WIP. Um, yeah…the WIP runs crazy haywire in my head after those encounters.

9) Totally implausible run-ins. I’ve been toying with that WIP insertion, but questioned the believability factor until my husband and I, on a random whim, traveled into Black Mountain, North Carolina on Friday. For whatever reason we went into that one store for the third time and on our way out, run into his family—who last time we taked to them (um…four years ago) lived in Virginia.

10) Okay, this one’s a stretch, but I DID need a format for today’s post. And wouldn’t you know? A copy of Writers’ Digest was waiting in the mail for me when I got home from my vacation last weekend. And in case you don’t subscribe, this month’s format is all about the “Top Ten.”

I know a lot of people would call these events coinky-dinky. Or fate. Maybe some karma involved. Or maybe I just read into stuff way too much. But I tend to live under a God umbrella and am one of those people who believe everything happens for a reason. The Big Guy always seems to know when I need a lift (or a humbling), and even when I forget to pray, He seems to have answers I’ve been looking for. So call it want you want peeps, but I’ve always called my writing divinely inspired.

And thank God for that muse in my life.

So, anything keeping YOU from giving up on YOUR WIP? What's YOUR source of inspiration?


  1. Wow, I kind of sort of (by a stretch) blogged about something similar today. My muse has been muted for a while now, but I'm determined to free her again. I really need her :)

    I'm glad you're still writing, Alison <3

    Can't wait to chat tonight.

  2. New ideas and connecting the dots after the whole things been drafted. Know how you feel.

  3. Yes I want to quit my WIP *daily* and I love little divine interventions and inspirations that keep us going!

  4. I love when things fall out of the sky like this and keep you moving! My WIP was actually shelved when inspiration fell on my head and got me to pull it out again. :-)

  5. I have tons of partial books on my computer. All are under 20k. Once I get there, I know I will finish. LOL

    My current WIP has plagued me a bit. I love the story so much that I just forced myself to keep going. Now I'm 23k in and finally found my stride.

  6. Yes, this is awesome. I love Simone's books. Just read them recently myself and PK always has something interesting to say on her blog. I can only speculate how many times I have watched Easy A and I saw Varsity Blues on TV the other night as well. It is great when there are things that tickle our imagination back into it's groove. Best wishes.

  7. I agree. Totally God inspired. :) A lot of my WIP takes place near/in a lake and yesterday I got to go to a nearby lake and take tons of pictures. It's the little things right?

  8. Great post. It's so easy to shrug tiny events like those off as coincidence, especially when it happens in your own life. I always have a hard time with that, but my mother always connects the dots and tells me God's given me an answer or an alternative. :)

  9. I do believe in synchronicity, and it can be doesn't often hit us over the head with the message. Much like faith, most of the time you have to be looking for it to find it...Glad you're finding it!

  10. Love this post! And no, I'm thinking there's no coincidence here... sounds like real-life inspiration. What keeps me from giving up on a WIP? True love! :)

  11. Great post! Your book sounds awesome, I'm glad you found your inspiration. I'm on a roll with all my little projects and grateful I don't write longer stories with my attention span lol.

  12. I can empathise with plagued with doubt. It is said that 80% of authors will experience clinical depression sometime in their lives so there is hope for us all! LOL! :O)

  13. I loved Perfect Chemistry for the dual interpretations too! Nice post.


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