Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Fives! Writer Apps!

It's Friday Fives over at Paper Hangover, and this week they want to know

Hmm. I'll be honest. I use my phone for tweeting and texting. I don't own an iPad or a Kindle. Actually, the only apps I think I use involve a graphing calculator, and I don't think you stopped by my blog today to hear about those. Besides Google Docs and maybe online thesaruses and dictionaries, I don't know that I use any writing apps. Or maybe I am and I don't know they qualify for app status.

So, with that mind mush out of the way, I decided to share the five apps I have recently (some as of yesterday) discovered, have already bookmarked, and plan to use as often as I indulge in a pedicure (which is practically never, but like these apps, I sure could use one).

1) Archetype - a free idea generator for plots and characters. Here's an example:

Your character has problems with impatience, has nightmares about otters, and can't stand foreign affairs.

Also has been researching illegal drugs.

Huh. The site also has visual and writing prompts and a bunch of other cool stuff.

2) If I had an iPhone I would download Nameshake - it sounds like a Magic Eight Ball for character name inspiration.

3) And Writing Prompts. An endless supply of creative inspiration? But *sigh*, also for iPhone. I think I may have to trade in my Crackberry sooner than later.

4) Write or Die. And Edit Minion. They just look and sound awesome.

5) And finally, Scrivener. Helps you create order from chaos as you navigate through that first draft. It has a corkboard, an outliner, places to input target word counts - oh here, just look at this sample

and this one

*sigh* I want this. And it's not super expensive, but it's only available for Macs. Take that back. There is a beta version for Windows. I'm toying with the download. I'll let you know how that goes.

So, any writer apps YOU love? Or other apps that are just fun?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ooh, Nameshake sounds awesome! I always have the hardest time coming up with character names. And Scrivner... I want it so bad, but I use a PC. Do they have it for PC yet? Am I missing out?

  2. I totally love the beta Scrivener. If you have an iPhone, there's a publisher that has a Scrivener-esque program a few of my friends use. Can't remember the name, but the publisher is Socially Conscious Software or it might be creatively conscious, not sure now, actually. Fail.

  3. I can't believe I forgot Editminion! I LOVE Editminion!

  4. Your post is perfect for me: I am without an iPad, I use my crappy flip-phone for calls and texting only, and my iPod is 1st Gen. So now I see some apps that Luddites like me can use. :) Thanks!

  5. I agree. Good suggestions for us low tech's just amazing what all is out there...I'm still wondering about how people wrote books before word processing or researched them without the internet :)

  6. Those are some great apps that I'm going to have to bookmark. And so the list grows...

  7. Dang...guess I need to add an iPhone to my collection! Great apps, Alison!

    Happy Friday, too!

  8. Like ipad. But these apps sound great. Maybe someday.

  9. An app is one more thing to confuse me with.

  10. I think I ought to buy a domain name and website before that fancy stuff (or is that the wrong way round?) :)

  11. Oh silly me. I use my phone to make phone calls.

    I guess that means I'm out of the loop.

    I do text. A lot. Does that make me hip?


  12. I'm not very apt at apps but enjoyed reading this post. If I ever get into the 21st century your info will be most app ropo.

  13. I love scrivener :-)
    I love Scrivener:-)

    Just stopping in again from the write Campaign

    have a great day


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