Monday, August 1, 2011

Type A All the Way

So, the hubs and I started this new diet thing last week—The Blood Type Diet. Ever hear of it? We did. One of my friends lost beaucoup weight on it and feels super-healthy, almost like she’s seventeen again. Can I get some of that please?

Except wait—I don’t know my blood type. (Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t)

Andbutso, cue routine doctor visit and I discovered I’m Type A. Imagine that. Because that doesn’t fit my personality AT ALL.


Anyhoo, this diet conforms to my blood type, gives me a list of foods that are beneficial for not only weight loss, but according to the most astute Dr. D’Adamo, the gentle exercise and specialized dietary guidelines will maximize your overall health; decrease your natural risk factors for cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The result: high performance, mental clarity, greater vitality and increased longevity.


It also goes into exercise that’s good for me, stressful situations I shouldn’t put myself in. And I should get lots of sleep (haha). You can read all about it here. But we thought we’d start with the diet and exercise, and get more sleep when we, I don’t know, retire. (And I just realized I made that punny so I’m keeping it, but you know what I meant—leave the day job)

According to my Type A-ishness, here are foods that are super beneficial for my system:

Grouper, salmon…FISH, peanuts, peanut butter, pineapple, berries, red wine, coffee (YES! COFFEE’s good for me!)

Then, there are neutral foods—stuff that’s okay for me to eat:

Chicken, turkey, yogurt (but only a cup a WEEK—what?!), rice, watermelon, white wine…this is just a smathering, peeps. There’s a bunch.

And here’s some of what I had to give up:

Red meat, wheat anything (about the only bread I can eat - Ezekiel bread and rice cakes),pasta, vinegar (bye-bye, salt-n-vinegar chips. See you never, balsamic vinegraitte),tomatoes, ketchup…SALSA. Pretty much all dairy—yeah, I’m allowed one egg a week. Ha.

Shell *sniff* fish

Soda. Liquor.




Yeah. For someone whose four major food groups consist of pretzels, diet coke, beer, and sushi and maintained job survival with a bottle of vodka at her side, this diet thing was not looking good.

At. All.

But, silver lining, I’m a pseudo-vegetarian, so I haven’t eaten red meat in twenty-five years. I’m not a big pasta eater. And I really needed to give up the soda. And at least I still get to drink coffee (in moderation), my poor husband hasn’t had a drop in over a week! (Of course, beer's in his neutral group - ugh)

Results after week one: I’ve been drinking a lot less coffee, and more water and green tea. Most fruits and veggies that I already eat are on my highly beneficial list, so I’ve just been eating more of them. My kids had the most drool worthy pizza the other night, and I RESISTED! And the list of acceptable and avoidable doesn’t say anything about twizzlers so, er…no news is good news? (Sugar’s on my neutral list, so I eat them in slight moderation. I’m down to a pack a day.)

I’ve not dropped ten pounds and I don’t feel like I could conquer the world, but I do feel weirdly ON, like a lot less tired. Energized. And, I don’t know, it feels good eating grapefruit instead of nachos at oh-dark-thirty.

But the beer.

I'm having a little trouble giving up beer. (um...alcoholic, much?!)

So, the hubs and decided that we were going to eat blood-type strong throughout the week and splurge a little on the weekends. Have a slice of pizza. Or a cup of joe. Definitely a beer. Or two. Or five. A little reward for all the hard work, right?

I need that little light at the end of my hollow stomach tunnel.

So why can’t I apply this to everything else in my life?

Typically my type A, over-scheduling personality doesn’t allow for things like rewards in her routine. I make a list for the week, for the day—stuff I’ve got to get done or the world will stop working. And I feel so, so good when I can check all this stuff off my to-do list. No baby steps, people! Just get ‘er done. And rewards? Rest? Recuperation? Whatever. Who has time for that?

But you know what? Even the Big Guy scheduled a day of rest. Do you remember my post from last week? The divine intervention one? Yeah, well, God was at it again this morning. I read these little Bible thingies as a way to start my day, and today was all about finding the balance between work and rest. God could’ve created the world in a millisecond, but He didn’t. He spread it all out over six days, and rested on the seventh. His reward was in seeing that all He created was good.

Rest, recuperation, and a little reward.

Yeahokay, God…I get it. I need to do this with the diet thing. And I need to do this with everything else.

I’ve been working uber-hard on my WIP the past two months, never as much as I like, but I’m so, so close to finishing. Like, I outlined the last eight scenes, and see an epilogue in my near, near future. (YAY!) And this week me and my type A-ness are going to dive heart-strong into my WIP. I’m going to finish (or get really, really close). (I’ll let you know next Monday how I did—maybe)

And as I go, I’ll rest, recuperate, and reward myself. Yeah. With a beer. Or TWO packs of Twizzlers. Best reward: Some of my friends know I eliminated the most wonderful yet distracting thing in my life a few months ago—Facebook. I got rid of it so I could focus on my WIP. AND I'M ALMOST DONE!!! Getting Facebook back will be the ultimate reward for when I finish my (very) rough draft. Oooh—and my friends can be rewarded too. Heh heh.

So, any new lifestyle changes YOUR way? Do YOU know your blood type? What would YOU sacrifice to achieve your goals? And how do YOU reward yourself along the way?

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Have a great, healthy, type-Aish, reward-filled week!


  1. I'm not sure what my blood type is either, and after seeing the list of foods you have to give up, I'm not sure I want to know what it is ;)

  2. Hey! I'm a type-A. Be careful if you eat tomatoes b/c when you do it will actually hurt your tummy. I know. Owowow!

  3. Ooh thanks for the link! Also, good luck on the end of the WIP! Aaaand diets SO do not count on the weekend. Ever.

  4. Wow, this is a diet that would require me to give up way too much and I don't do well with that (apparently I'm a Type-O personality. ;) Good luck with everything!

  5. This is fascinating! I'm Type A too, and oddly enough I actually love most of the foods on the "good for me" list. Unfortunately, I also love a lot of foods on the no-no list (carbs in general, dairy).

    I've been watching what I eat since March (I've lost almost 25 pounds!) and I think the most effective change I've made is to stop drinking anything with calories. That includes milk, juice, soda, whatever. If I want to drink beer, I wait until I have an occasion to drink several and just splurge. So, there's my two cents.

    Good luck with your Blood Type diet... I'll be curious to see how you like it!

  6. I so thought this Type A post was going to go differently:)

    Yeah, the can you have wine? Bc if all alcohol is out, I might have to find a new diet. *snort*

  7. Ah, blood type is A+. And after reading this post, you're killing me. Urgh.

    Red meat? Check. Pasta? Super check. Shell fish? OMG, urgh, check. Blah. That's all I've got to say about that...but I know, it'll be good for me.

    At least there are a ton of things on the "good" list I love...cause if I had to give up sushi, we'd definitely have a crisis on our hands.

    Keep me posted on your progress, would love to hear all about it! I'm off to check out Dr. D'Adamo's site, right after I check out all the contests first! :)

    Thanks, Alison!

  8. Whew, glad I'm type O. Haha. I'm gluten/wheat sensitive anyway, as well as dairy-sensitive, so I already am limited altho not by my blood type! Gotta have my meat; bleh on beer (nasty tasting, to me) but I gotta have my meat, red or whichever.

  9. Wow, I've never heard of this! I've got a friend on a diet, I'm gonna pass this method on to her.


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