Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Fives! Six Eight Tens!

It's Friday Fives over at Paper Hangover! This week they want to know...

1) Allow myself to write crap. Inner editor off, mind spew ON.

2) Hashing out things aloud with critique partners or my husband or sometimes even myself.

3) Exercise—sometimes I just need to break from the screen and get out and get the feet moving. Many times this “break” gets the brain moving too.

4) Mountains of Twizzlers. Pounds of coffee. Often to keep myself wired and awake to write more. I find it hard to fall asleep while chewing a Twizzler. And I force myself not to think about how BIG my butt’s getting.

5) Allowing myself to break and let the subconscious do some work. But I keep myself armed with many post-its, you know, just in case.

And a few other things…

1) Have you heard about JESSICA LOVE’S NEWS?! Stop by her blog, um…NOW. :)

2) Tracey Neithercott’s hosting this wicked cool contest at Words On Paper. You could win books, a gift card, or this

3) I mightpossiblymaybeyeahmorethanlikely am going to midwinter ALA in Dallas. I've never been to an ALA convention before and I would get to see and spend time with some of my super awesome writer friends and get books and meet industry peeps and okay, EXCITED hardly covers this one. Anyone else going?!

4) Since I hail from Pennsylvania, I’ve always rooted for Penn State and Papa Joe and well, let’s say the incidents of the past few days have left me disheartened and disappointed. One of my dear friends from high school posted this, and I couldn’t resist sharing with the world.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. (Edmund Burke)

Gives you a lot to think about, doesn’t it?

5) And finally…

A huge THANK YOU to all veterans, past and present, who risk their lives and make sacrifices to defend our freedom. My husband's a former Marine, served in the Gulf War, and well, I'm super proud of and very thankful for him. Do make sure you thank a veteran today.

So, what's YOUR secret for getting to the end of your WIP? Got any news to share? Have YOU thanked a veteran today?!


  1. TWIZZLERS!!! NOM NOM NOM NOM. I love those things...

    And, have you booked your flights yet? LET'S MAKE ALA OFFICIAL. *happy dances*

  2. #2 and #5 I find invaluable! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  3. Man, how could I have left coffee off?! ;)

  4. Twizzlers are such a perfect writing snack!

  5. #5 is a good one! It's easy to forget how important it is to let the "Boys in the Basement" do their work.

  6. Great links and fabulous advice! I think your exercising will balance all the Twizzlers. I used to be a Bottle Cap candy girl... now I've moved on to grapes. A little more forgiving. :)

  7. Didn't see any vets yesterday to thank. But spoke to an old, old woman who survived the Holocaust. She was rescued by an American military man who marrried her. They were married 60 years before he passed 10 years ago.

  8. Your five ways to get a WIP from start to finish look suspiciously like mine. The only change I make is to #4--instead of twizzlers, I eat chewy Wonka candy. Oh and instead of exercise, I play my guitar and sing. (Alexandra is too lazy to actually exercise.)Or sometimes I just sing Disney songs (I do both parts of the Aladdin duet like a champ). Or I listen to all kinds of Nightwish--my go to "fantasy inspiration" music. :)


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