Wednesday, December 14, 2011

RTW: Presents for My Fave

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This Week's Topic:

What would be the ideal holiday present for your main character (or favorite character)?

One of my favorite characters in my current WIP is the protagonist’s best friend, his blindside on and off the football field, and a guy who, er…pretty much wears his manhood on his sleeve.

But he’s genuinely good-hearted, he says the corniest (and I think most hilarious) lines, and well…I just LOVE him.

And the ideal present(s) for my hero’s sidekick would include

1) Body glue (do they make this?!) or Velcro—to keep his clothes on. If he had any say in the school dress code, “birthday suit” would be an option.

2) A copy of World’s Best Pick-up Lines. Of course his charm outweighs his need for them at all.

3) Anger Management classes. He’s a little explosive. Just a little.

4) A new jersey number: 115. To represent the percent he puts out on the field, in his friendships. The size of his heart.

So, how about YOU? What’s your ideal present (or presents) for one of your characters?

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  1. He sounds like a really fun character! Merry Christmas ^_^

  2. hah! he sounds like a really likeable, well-developed character :)

  3. LOL, anger management classes and glue to cover his birthday suit. I've answered this on another blog, but the best present for my MC would be some pedometer shoes (sci-fi; she's a jogger and these shoes would keep track of her mileage). :)

  4. All of these are fantastic. The body glue had me rolling.

  5. LOL loved them!
    Birthday suit was my favorite one ;)
    He sounds like a great guy!

  6. "1) Body glue (do they make this?!) or Velcro—to keep his clothes on. If he had any say in the school dress code, “birthday suit” would be an option."

    Hahahaha, very nice.

  7. Love it--this guy sounds like quite the awesome knucklehead. (Weirdly, also reminds me of a guy I knew in HS!)

  8. Having briefly "met" this sidekick, I'm totally on board with your list... every single thing on it sounds PERFECT for him!

  9. Body adhesive:

    We used to use that stuff to glue our socks to our legs in Irish dance so they didn't fall down during competition.

    That list is very appropriate, although I do not know how he would feel about not being able to take his clothes off anymore! ;)

  10. Aw, I love #4! He sounds awesome.

  11. This guy sounds pretty awesome! I hope I get to meet him one day!


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