Thursday, March 22, 2012

So Hype

On February 22, tickets for The Hunger Games movie went on sale. I had a plan, my daughter’s friends’ parents had a plan—as soon as the midnight premiere tickets hit Fandango, buy, buy, buy!

We logged on, we saw midnight showings in neighboring cities, midnight showings everywhere EXCEPT for my city! What?! I was depressed the rest of the day, snapped at one too many students, actually I think I really did cry at one point. Why? Um…because I’ve waiting for this movie to come out FOREVER and I really wanted to see it at midnight and I’d gotten my daughter and all her friends super hype about going and I was seriously toying with driving an hour to Wilmington to see it at midnight and…

Thank God my movie theater FINALLY put a midnight showing up that afternoon.

Obviously, Alison is a wee bit excited for the movie. Last week, I watched the live streaming of the red carpet premiere. I’ve spent hours chatting and tweeting about it. I haven’t posted regularly in three months, except for posts like this. I’m reading every article that falls into my laptop, including math activities linked to the reaping.

I can’t stop watching trailers even though I have fifty-three thousand other things to do. Have you seen these? No? Here. I’ll probably double my current number of page views just coming back here and watching them.

I even got my book club to read the first one. And then my fair-weather reader friend (she’s Team Gale—I don’t know if we’re actually still friends) devoured the rest of the series almost as fast as I did, and when she hosted the next book club meeting, she served food District 12 style (blackberries and strawberries, day old bread, goat cheese/apple tarts—yeah, this redeemed her—we’re totally still friends)

I’m not dressing up, but I am wearing this to the midnight premiere.

My daughter made this one.

I even bought this.

And secretly steal away with my daughter’s copy of this.

I know there’s something wrong with me, but


WHY? I didn’t get like this for Harry Potter. Not even Twilight. And I’m a veritable book snob. Book-to-movie adaptations typically make me cringe, make me scream WHY DO YOU TRY? They can’t possibly condense hundreds of pages of awesomeness into two hours!

But I REALLY feel like this movie will. I’m totally on board with the chosen cast and if the tissues I exhaust just watching the trailers are any indication of the emotional outburst I’ll experience Friday, ohmygosh, my popcorn bucket will be full of tears and soggy kernels.

I haven’t been this excited for a movie since Star Wars (yes, I was one of those kids)—opening day, standing in epic long lines that spiraled out of the theater and literally wrapped around an entire shopping plaza, collecting trading cards, buying every book, magazine, toy available. I couldn’t get enough! This movie transports me back to my tween/teen years. And you know what?

I love it.

I love getting this excited about The Hunger Games, this crazed for a franchise. This passionate about SOMETHING.

And I think what makes it exponentially more awesome is that I get to share this with my daughter (and fifteen of her friends). We’ve read (and reread) the books together. I share the latest trailer. She and her friends, their crazy excitement, get me that much more amped about March 23.

One day, people. ONE DAY!!!!!

I’ll be watching. The world will be watching. Will you?!


  1. I don't think I've been this excited about any movie ever. I have to wait until Sunday, but that hasn't dampened my excitement one bit. I'll be wearing an HG t-shirt and I might just do the Katniss braid in my hair (tried it out the other day and think I have it down). I also got sucked into buying some of the nail polish (darn) and bought a mockingjay pin. I'm such a junkie :D

    Have fun with your daughter and her friends. That sounds like a really fun time! :)

  2. I agree, I did not have this level of excitement even for HP. I am totally making HG food tonight before the movie. Might even make a stew for dinner :)

    Happy Hunger Games!

  3. I love all this hype too...and all the tissues...I'm not sure how I'll endure it.

    The thing I love most is that this franchise brings up so many relevant themes...not wizards fighting evil or vampires in love, but meaty issues like oppressive governments, scarcity of resources, and the voyeuristic tendancy of reality TV...falling for the hype on this series means thinking about things beyond the usually ways...and I'm all for more people doing that.

  4. I didn't know much about this movie until someone in my writing group asked me to read some fan fiction based on the book. Now I am on the waiting list at the libary and I am counting the seconds until it comes to video. Just be sure to let me know that it is worth me renting the dvd. Hope you have a ball with your daughter and her friends. I hope you enjoy the movie as well. Have a ball!

  5. I was like that for the LotR movies. I got to the theater hours before hand so I could have my favorite seat. I didn't get this excited for the Harry Potter movies, but I did for the books. :) It's fun!

  6. I love it when books get people this excited! I love the hype!
    (I am/as Team Gale, though. Don't hate me!)

  7. I bought my tickets in advance but no midnight screenings for me. Actually, I'm surprised I'm as excited as I am for this movie because I don't like it as much as HP or Twilight, but I've been practically peeing my pants with excitement this week. (And is it just me or has the week dragged on???) Like you, I think the movie is going to be GOOD. My husband- who also read the books- thinks it's going to suck. We'll see I guess but I'm pretty sure it's gonna be AWESOME.
    I need to get me a HG t-shirt. Team Peeta all the way!

  8. Okay, I was more excited for the Twilight movies. Don't throw tomatoes at me! ;) But, The Hunger Games is totally different. My husband, daughter and I have all read the series and loved it. My hubby surprised my daughter with midnight showing tickets this morning before school and she still doesn't know that we are meeting up with her friends' families to go together. So this is a family affair and I can't wait for the stores to realize how big this movie is and start carrying the shirts! :)

  9. So, are you napping right now? I'm hugely excited for THG, but I'm not a midnight premiere kind of person and my kids aren't yet old enough for this book/movie. I'm hoping to go on Sunday. Enjoy!

  10. I'm with you 100% on this! Sadly, I won't be seeing the movie until tomorrow at noon, but I'm so, so excited! And, I get to watch with my hubby, who's also a fan. Cannot wait, and can't wait to hear what you think!

  11. I am excited in a different way for this movie than I've been for any other movie. I totally jumped on the Twilight train. I did all the things leading up to it and New Moon that you've done for Hunger Games. But for this one, I'm more...restrained? I've been dying because I HAVEN'T been watching the previews. I want to be 100% surprised by it all. And because of that, I've not gotten swept up in the anticipation in the same way. So, for me, only time will tell how excited I'll be tomorrow.

    I hope you and your daughter and her friends have a FABULOUS night! And yes, I will be watching.

  12. Please tell me you're actually going to use some of the math activities about the reaping you found.

    Also, have you seen this yet? The math part flew completely over my head, but my new goal in life is to figure out how to work this into a geography class.

  13. I saw it twice in the first 24 hours it was out. SO MUCH LOVE. I want to see it again.

  14. LOL, your attitude reminds me of myself.
    I can't stop thinking about Hunger Games and I would go and see it again too!

  15. every time i watch a trailer i automatically start crying.... every time. i love the movie. even when i start thinking about it i just tear in happiness for how much i love the hunger games


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