Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ready. Set. WRITE!

How many times can Alison use the word READY in a post*? LOOK OUT!
 See…there's one!
So, after last week's awesome response to Ready. Set. WRITE!, I am even more excited about the summer writing intensive and I'm so ready to WRITE. Don't know what I'm talking about? 

Katy Upperman, Elodie Nowodazkij, Erin Funk, Jaime Morrow, and I are hosting the summer writing intensive Ready. Set. WRITE! and we'd LOVE for you to join us! We're kicking off a summer of writing today and we're going to write, write, write for 2 months (ish)! We'll update weekly on what we've been writing and our new goals for the week.

Just a few more specifics on our summer writing intensive Ready. Set. WRITE!

for drafting/revising/writing flash fiction or short stories—whatever! As long as we're writing!

Timeline: We're kicking things off today, but the REAL goal-setting starts tomorrow! Please join us for What's Up Wednesday and tell us what you plan to be working on
(ya know—in the What I'm Writing section). You can set weekly goals (or monthly or overall goals). Again—whatever works!

Then, we'll update weekly on What's Up Wednesday. We'll share what we've accomplished and set goals for the new week. We can also include snippets (I'm including one tomorrow, btw) or just gush about our stories.

Don't know about What's Up Wednesday? Check it out here
and here. And here.

We'll keep the awesomeness going every Wednesday until August 28 and we'd love for you to participate as many weeks as you can. I'm SO ready to see what you guys are working on! (Alison loves to read story snippets, btw

Some Other Really Cool Stuff…

Twitter parties! We're going to try (operative word = TRY) to host a weekly twitter writing/revising party in which we basically choose a start time to write and then pop back in on twitter several hours later recapping our progress. Sounds fun, right?! 

BUT to do that we kind of have to be twitter-connected. I'm listing our twitter handles, and I'd love for you to leave your twitter handle in the comments so we can make sure we're following you too! We'll be using the hashtag @ReadySetWrite! (original, right?!)  

Twitter parties can be SO motivating! We'd love to have as many of you participating as possible!

Our twitter handles:       @alisonmiller20





Giveaway! The five of us LOVE giveaways so we're including one as extra motivation. J

Mid-way through (mid-July), one lucky writer will win a Writer´s Care package. The package will include all sorts of writer-ly treats—ones we're sure you'll love (trust me—I kind of wish I could win it J)

Keep track of your progress and be prepared to update on the rafflecopter post in July. You'll get points for various things such as setting goals and achieving them, following us on Twitter, and spreading the word about Ready. Set. WRITE!

Sounds awesome, right?! 

SO, are you ready for Ready. Set. WRITE?! Commit to a summer of writing by signing up on the linky below! And don’t forget to post tomorrow—share your goals and tell us what you'll be writing/revising!
In the meantime, write a little. Or a lot. Grab the button and spread the word! And get ready to Ready. Set. WRITE!

*Okay, so I only counted TWELVE, but man—how many exclamation points did I use?! **
**um…sadly—TWENTY-EIGHT. I have exclamation point issues. Clearly.



  1. Signed up! Excited to get some writing done.

  2. Looks like we're going to have a great turnout this summer! I can't wait to get writing! :)

  3. SO excited about all the people who've already signed up... It's going to be a fantastic summer!

  4. Can't wait to get started! Looks like we're in for a great summer. :)

  5. So happy to have found you all here this morning and to reconnect with you, Allison. I've already dedicated this summer to poetry--at least one poem a day. I'd love to have some association and accountability. My debut novel, a humorous MG is releasing in 10 days and that's been a bit of a distraction. ^_^ I'm also hosting WIPMADNESS on my blog this month. I think I already follow most of you on Twitter. My handle is @AngelinaCHansen or @AceHansenMG. Looking forward to writing together this summer.

  6. Okay, so I'm late to the party...but I'm totally ready and set to write! :)



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