Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's Up Wednesday (16): The Musical Edition

Before I get into my What's Up Wednesday update, I have WINNERS to announce. First, THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who participated in any way shape or form with Ready. Set. WRITE!!! I started the summer wanting to write and wanting people to write with (and hold me accountable!) and I was so grateful and honored and HAPPY that you all chose to write with us this summer! I hope it was productive and FUN!

Anyway, my awesome RSW co-hosts (Jaime, Erin, Elodie, and Katy) had a giveaway of first ten-page critiques and now we have winners! Yay!

Liz Parker
Carrie-Anne Brownian
Dawn Allen
Robin Moran
Prerna Pickett

Please email the first ten double-spaced pages to Katy at katy (dot) upperman (at) live (dot) com by October 31. Yay!

And now for What's Up Wednesday!
What's Up Wednesday is a weekly meme geared toward readers and writers, allowing us to touch base with blog friends and let them know what's up. Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk are the hosts, and we'd love for you to join in the fun! Just hit up their blogs and sign up on the linky. J
What I'm Reading:

I re-read THE FAULT IN OUR STARS (John Green) for my IRL book club and was reminded HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!

Sorry. Was I screaming?

If you have not read this story of awesome, well . . . please fix that. ASAP.
I'm currently reading FORGIVE ME, LEONARD PEACOCK (Matthew Quick) which is a tough read. Not tough as in hard to get through. Just tough issues. My heart is breaking for the main character and for his interesting cast of friends.

How about YOU? What are you reading this week?
What I'm Writing:

This week I wanted to write my Black Moment. I did that. Doesn’t feel as impactful as I hoped it would be, but that's what revisions are for, right?

I also plotted out the Finale. Yes, that's right. THE FINALE.

O. M. G.

Also, I blogged a few weeks ago about the ridiculous number of cheesy Star Wars one-liners in my script. Well…there are a fair amount of Grease ones too. In the course of two days, one scene CALLED for both of these 

You can't just walk out of a drive-in!


Alexandra Reed will not go to bed with anyone until she is legally wed.  

No one else may ever like this story, but I LOVE it!

This week, I'd like to work on the finale. And write at least 5000 words. What are you writing this week?!

What Inspires Me Right Now:

Music. I think I've mentioned this before, but my current WiP is very musical. There are way too many Show tune references and lyrics and just as many eighties rock mentions. The latest musical inspiration is "Berzerk"—Eminem with undertones of "The Stroke." The lyrics may not completely fit the WiP, but considering I have as many Billy Squier references as I do Grease and Star Wars one-liners, Berzerk has become a relatively new addiction. 

What music inspires your writing?

What Else I've Been Up To:

We are official parents of the Gracelings!
Our newest family members are Australian Shepherd/Boxer mixes and they each have one blue eye. How neat is that? And they are AWESOME dogs. I tried to get a pic of both of them, but Jax is super hyper and won't sit still for Mommy's slow picture taking so, here's Tyson!

Also, saw We're the Millers the other day with a few friends. SO FUNNY!
Finally, I'm just enjoying my SAHM-ness. Walking my nine-year-old to school, packing lunches, somewhat fixing dinner, cleaning the house. Attending a lot of soccer games and now tennis matches. Many of the same things I did last year, but now—I don't know—I feel like I can really enjoy them. Not that I didn't before. I'm just less stressed. And in a way better frame of mind.
Congrats again to our RSW winners! What's up on YOUR Wednesday?!


  1. Congrats on plotting out the FINALE! That is so exciting!

    Also, love the new puppies. I especially love that they both have one blue eye.

    Hope you have an awesome week! :)

  2. First, before I forget, the patterned pillow/couch/whatever that your dog is sitting on is the same pattern that we have on our furniture! Too funny. Cute doggie, by the way!

    Good for you for tackling your Black Moment. It's so hard to get these things out the way you envision them in your head. That's definitely what revisions are for! You're just motoring along at breakneck speed. Good for you, Alison!

  3. Yay for plotting your finale and writing your Black Moment. I agree, when you are writing towards something, and you get there, the initial execution is often underwhelming. But, revision, time away from the scene, and overall perspective, usually makes a huge difference!

    The Graceling pup is adorable. What is he Graced with? Hopefully something useful to the household. :)

  4. You've certainly been doing some "heavy issue" reading of late, Alison. Has this helped with writing your "Black Moment"? Once you finish and you hit revisions, I'm sure you'll see a way to make that moment carry a big punch.

    I hope your writing week goes really well for you. :)

  5. The fact that you have Graceling dogs makes me all kinds of happy! What a cute photo! I can't believe you're already plotting your finale... You have made amazing progress this summer, lady! And I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying being a stay-at-home mama. I love it too. :-)

  6. Thanks for selecting me as one of the winners! I'll be sending it off as soon as I get a break from all the upcoming holidays.

    My majority soundtrack for my contemporary historical Bildungsroman were The Hollies and The Four Seasons, so much so that my mental image of the protagonist's eventual husband is a very young Graham Nash. For the hiatused book focused on her little sister in the Eighties, I was listening to mostly Eighties music for inspiration.

  7. Good luck hitting 5k this week! Sounds like you've reached an exciting part of the story and yes, that's *definitely* what revisions are for.

    ...I've never seen Grease. People tend to gasp in shock and horror when I tell them. Hahahaha ^^;

  8. Good luck with your writing this coming week. You're so close. And your Grease references made me smile.

  9. Finale - yay!!! Also, new pets - always exciting :)

    I've got Leonard Peacock on my TBR-list, but no clue when I'll get to it b/c there are just so many books that sound so good!

  10. TFioS murdered my soul when I read it...and it was awesome.

    "I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly and then all at once." *CRRRYYYY* :)

  11. Congratulations on your new family members! :) They are adorable. Good luck on your word count goal this week. I'm always too chicken to set a word count goal for myself!

  12. I need to just plow through the chapter I'm on, kind of like your Black Moment. It's so easy to fuss with it and then get totally bogged down. Like you said, that's what revisions are for. So tonight, I'm going to make myself write it already!!!

    Your new dog(s) is so cute! It's so cool that they each have one blue eye!

    I'm glad to hear you're feeling less stressed. That's always a good thing! Enjoy your week!

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  14. I LOVE EMINEM (despite how my parents feel about him). He is a lyrical genius. When I write, a couple songs that inspire me are:

    Father John Misty "I'm writing a novel"
    Calvin Harris, Florence and the Machine "Spectrum (Say My Name)"

  15. I've just finished LEAVING PARADIS and RETURN TO PARADISE by Simone Elkeles and I officially love her. I didn't know which book to pick and decided to just go through some old ones I downloaded on my Kindle :-) Very happy with the results...

    I love your story! And I love those lines :)

    (and yay for dogs :))

  16. I haven't read The Fault in Our Stars yet, and I really want to because of everyone's reactions to it! I'll have to wait until I get paid and can afford it!

  17. I love that you're able to enjoy those little (but so important!) things - like walking your youngest to school. :) Yay for that.

    And your WIP sounds so fun. Every time you talk (er, write) about it, you just sound so giddy. Even though music doesn't play a huge role in my current WIP, it is definitely helping with my inspiration. Right now, I'm thinking of naming it after a line in a song that fits the story perfectly. :)

    Congrats on plowing through your story's Black Moment! Have a great week, Alison!

  18. I'm so excited about your WIP! All the excerpts you shared have been great, and I'm a sucker for Star Wars and there's that.

    I LOVE A Fault in Our Stars. I recommend it to just about everyone with full disclosure that I read it on a plain and sobbed unabashedly. I'm reading Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea right now and am really enjoying it.

    Also--yay for winning! <3

  19. Currently reading children stories, the Bible, and blogs.
    Currently preparing 3 boys for school, getting two houses in order, caring for an injured mother, and pampering a dog.
    Musical inspiration changes daily.
    Writing situation - on hold as I start the new school year with a mom who has broken her hip. Helping her with rehab and carpooling kids from sports surprisingly takes up time. I have revised my mg novel Mason Davis and the Song Master (still working on the title). My other mg novel, Mason Davis and the Rise of the Storm Makers, just came out this summer.


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