Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What's Up Wednesday: Thankful Edition

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly meme geared toward readers and writers, allowing us to touch base with blog friends and let them know what's up. Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk are the hosts, and we'd love for you to join in the fun! Just hit up their blogs and sign up on the linky. J
What I'm Reading:
I finished my reread of CATCHING FIRE and am currently rereading THE LIST. I don't know what it is about November, guys, but every year my reading slows and practically stalls. I do write and revise a lot in November. Maybe that's it. ANYHOO—MUST get my read on for the Superlative Blog Fest! More on that in a bit. J
What I'm Writing:
I'm past my midpoint. However, there are two scenes I must write and two that need serious addressing in the front half of my script so, I'm trying not to get too excited about getting into the second half. But I'm further along than I was last week at this time, so . . . progress.  

As I revise, I encounter all kinds of notes I left myself on first draft. Here's one of them.

Does anyone else leave themselves crazy comments?

Also, does anyone else keep a journal or notebook with all kinds of crazy unorganized scrawl about their stories? The other day, I discussed my neurotic journal with a writer friend. I've always had a journal for bits of dialogue and outlines and various scribbles. The current one comes incomplete with cast lists, baseball rosters, who's who for most of the cast, and a whole lot more. It's a WiP too, but, swear, by the time I finish, my journal might rival Gansey's.


I'm neurotic to a fault. J

How about you? What are you writing this week?!

What Else I've Been Up To:

1) We were in Atlanta this weekend for a soccer tournament (my husband's the coach, my daughter plays). Had a wonderful time with a great group of girls and an awesomely cool group of parents. Oh, and the girls took second place. Pretty good weekend.

2) CATCHING FIRE anyone?

Saw it Thursday at 8 with my son and my daughter and about a hundred of her friends. I am not a BTMA girl, but I was very okay with THE HUNGER GAMES. This one? AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) My story CHICK MAGNET was selected as an entry in Authoress's 2013 Baker's Dozen. (insert BIG smile) The entries go up on her blog Friday. Agents bid on them Tuesday. *bites nails* Feel free to break from your Black Friday shopping to send some love my way. Or a constructive critique. Or a glass of wine (I may need several). You can monitor all the exciting action here.
4) Just feeling thankful. I can complain about a lot of things, but I really do have so much to be thankful for. My family, my writing, my friends. YOU.  I could go on, but I already rambled about what I'm thankful for at YA CONFIDENTIAL . You can check it out here. 
What Inspires Me Right Now
The 2013 Superlative Blog Fest! Jessica, Tracey, Katy and I posted about it yesterday (click here!) and I am super excited about sharing my favorite reads of 2013. Which is all of twelve books *headdesk* But I am INSPIRED to kick this reading slump  and get my read on before December 16!
The Superlative Blog Fest is so much fun and I hope you'll join us!

Happy Thanksgiving! What's up on YOUR Wednesday?!


  1. I need to let go and write quirky notes to myself in my WIP. Congrats and good luck on the Baker's Dozen! I'm off to sign up for the blogfest!

  2. Yay Chick Magnet! Good luck!

    I'm the queen of random MS comments :)

  3. LOL at that note! I could select my entire first draft and leave that as a comment. :) But I do leave snarky little notes like that to myself; sometimes if the note makes me laugh when I go back to read it, I feel less stressed about fixing the issue.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I loved Catching Fire! It was so good!
    Congrats on getting into Baker's Dozen and good luck!

  5. Congrats on being selected for the Baker's Dozen! That is awesome!

    And I loved the note you left yourself. I do that all the time. Sometimes the notes are funnier than the book. They should have outtakes for novels.

    And we saw Catching Fire opening night and we were sooooo glad we did! I agree, I think it was even better than the first one.

    Hope your week is full of awesome! :)

  6. Congrats again on the Baker's Dozen... So excited for you, and I can't wait to see what comes of it. Oh, and you are so not alone in your silly revision notes to yourself. I do the same thing. :-)

  7. Congrats on being chosen for the Baker's Dozen!! That's really exciting.

    I haven't seen CATCHING FIRE yet but hope to in the next week or so! I'm happy to hear it's even better than HUNGER GAMES.

    Best of luck with your revisions this week! And Happy Thanksgiving. :)

  8. I write crazy comments on my printed manuscripts all the time! My last one was covered in things like "FIX THIS" and "IMPROVE THIS" and "MAKE CHAPTER 2 NOT SUCK", haha. I also saw Catching Fire and loved it! :)

  9. I saw Catching Fire yesterday, it was amazing! Any progress is better than none, so well done for what you've done this week :)

  10. My reading has slowed down like crazy this month too, but I blame moving and unpacking. I'm hoping it will pick up again soon. I saw Catching Fire last weekend and loved it. It was so much better than the first instalment, in my opinion. Very well done. You're making such awesome progress on this revision from what I can tell on Instagram. Keep it up! Have a wonderful week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  11. I've definitely filled up papers and notebooks with family trees, timelines, and other notes about books I'm writing. The stack of papers for my Atlantic City books has grown pretty fat since I finally started putting down the birthdates, family trees, relationships, etc. in 1999.

    To date, I've made maybe one note in my WIP, a note to try to check what would've been on the Bickford's menu in 1937. I found some historical articles and such about the famous NYC diner online, including a few popular dishes, but none that said exactly what was on the menu in detail.

  12. Yup, I leave notes like that to myself and keep detailed notebooks during my editing phase. It's all very helpful ^_^

    Have a great week!

  13. Yay Congratulations on getting into the Bakers Dozen - yay!
    The Superlatives Blog Fest sounds great fun, I look forward to lots of great recommendations.
    I have about a billion notes on my iphone, I really need a better way to catch them all as they have no order, but I always have the phone with me so it's handy :D

  14. YES on Catching Fire! I was okay with the Hunger Games but found it lacking in places that I thought were important. Catching Fire though? Nailed it. It was everything I wished the first one was, and now I'm pumped for Mockingjay!

    Congrats to your daughter's soccer team, and congrats to you for getting selected in the Baker's Dozen! I'm sending good vibes your way. :) Happy Thanksgiving!!

  15. "my journal might rival Gansey's" <-- LOVE THIS.

    This has not been my year for reading, but I'm determined to finish strong.

    Congrats on making it into the Baker's Dozen. I will be rooting for you as the action unfolds.

  16. I'm WATCHING the Baker's Dozen and I'll be rooting for you!!
    Also, good luck finishing that new novel! <33
    I'm writing a contemp. YA right now.


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