Monday, February 10, 2014

Writer Recharge Update!

How’s your Writer Recharge going? Don’t know what that is? Let’s fix that!

Whether you're delighting next to the crackling fireplace of a Shiny New Idea with a warm cup of tea and a sleepy puppy at your feet or spinning out on the ice-covered roads of revisions in an attempt to avoid the snow-packed ditch, we want to write with you! What do you want to accomplish this month? Hit a daily word count? Revise a certain number of pages or chapters each week? Complete a draft by the end of the month? Click here for more details!

My overall Writer Recharge goal is to *fingers crossed* finish my second draft. I set some daily goals on Twitter, and, with the inspiration and encouragement of fellow Rechargers, I accomplished many of them. I revised several stubborn scenes in the second half of my story, I completed a 12-page brainstorming doc for one of my CPs (Katy—you’re a SAINT), and most importantly—I revised and I'm still hopelessly in love with my story and characters. I still have tons of work to do, and it seems like the work is never-ending, but I’m MUCH closer to finishing than I was last week. So, yay!
This week’s goals:

1) Finish revising (for now) the two stubborn scenes before my story’s Black Moment.
2) Get through the Black Moment. I’m mostly happy with it as it stands right now so HOPEFULLY that’s doable.

3) Participate in one nightly Twitter party.
I’ll pop back in next Monday to update you.

How’s your Writer Recharge going?


  1. Oh wow, congratulations on your progress! Sounds like you're well on your way to finishing, and enjoying it along the way. :-) Good luck this week!

  2. You're totally going to rock these goals. You have to, because I need to read this story, like, yesterday. Best of luck, friend!

  3. Yay for progress! It's so hard when you're editing to keep picking out all the things you're unsure of and think are terrible and stay in love with the WiP. Just need to keep reminding yourself of why you're writing it. So glad that despite the changes you've stayed passionate about the WiP!

  4. I forgot about the twitter parties (you mean for #WriterRecharge, right?) I'll have to do that too.

  5. Aww...being in love with characters/stories is the best feeling :)

    I need some Twitter partying, too - I've got some frustrating scenes to work through.

    Good luck this week!

  6. It's so nice when you're smitten by your characters. Great job on your goals!

  7. So glad to hear you're making progress! Aren't CPs the best? Good luck with your revisions this week!

  8. Good Luck Alison! I'm glad you're still in love with your story and characters, that's the best bit of writing :D

  9. yay for revising stubborn scenes! Glad to know you're happy with where Black Moment stands, that's huge!

  10. That's wonderful that you remain in love with your characters and story after all that revising. For a previous story I'd worked on, the more I revised, the more irritated I was at my whole project.


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