Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ready. Set. WRITE! CP Match-Up!

It’s time for Ready. Set. WRITE’s CP Match-up! Today we’ll be sharing about our stories and we encourage you to do the same, "shop around" and leave comments on the posts with stories you're most interested in reading. From there, you can decide who might be the best fit for you and contact them via their blog/Twitter/their email. Some suggestions about what to share 

·         a love list, elevator pitch, or query description
·         an excerpt
·         genre/age category
·         whether it’s a stand alone or series
·         where you’re at in the timeline (ie. ready for a beta/CP as of the end of summer or perhaps later in the fall)
·         whether you’re looking for betas or CPs (or both)
·         any warnings that might be applicable (ie only offer to beta if you don’t mind swearing, sex, drug use, etc.)

I worked on two stand-alone stories this summer and I’ve shared excerpts throughout RSW (thank you SO MUCH for all your kind words on those!) So, today, I’m going to share a little more about each. Namely, a brief (haha) pitch, the opening of each story, the story’s theme, the story’s theme song, and a few other items from the story’s love list.  

First up...
Genre: YA Magical Realism
Word Count: 84,000 words.
I anticipate finishing revisions by mid-September.
Also, just fair warning: my boy Axl swears. A LOT.
The not-so-brief pitch: Seventeen-year-olds Alexandra and Axl Reed may be twins but their interests (and personalities) are about as related as baseball and the theatre. Perfect Twin Alexandra is the glorified virgin of Titan Heights; Axl's the renowned punk. But when a freak accident puts them in each other's bodies, they'll have to learn how to relate quickly. Or be the other. Indefinitely.
The opening…
If I hear another song from Grease, I’m going to freaking punch someone.
            Ever since the spring musical was announced, my sister’s done nothing but sing songs from the show: in the bathroom, at dinner, in the car on the way to and from school. Like, right now. Alexandra’s bouncing in the passenger seat, singing, occasionally primping her ponytail in the side mirror when there’s an apparent break in the lyrics. And I say apparent because she’s singing along to music from her iPod, earbuds plugged in, so all I get to hear is her.
            The singing’s not horrible. Actually, Alexandra’s got a pretty awesome voice (not that I’d ever tell her that), but “Summer Nights” 24/7? Her and Dylan doing the “Hand Jive” in the living room for the past two months? Singing a stanza over and over again until it’s perfect?
            Someone please kill me.
            I crank up Panama’s stereo and try to drown out her a cappella performance with Aerosmith. Alexandra flashes me a pitiful sneer, huffs dramatically, then sings louder. I yank a bud out of her ear and point at my stereo.
            “Ow!” she exclaims.
            “Do you mind?”                   
            She tsks. “I’m rehearsing for my callback today, thank you very much, and I have to make sure it’s flawless. I’d have the best junior year ever if Mr. Fonda cast me as Sandy.” She pulls down the passenger-side mirror, appraises herself, and sings, “Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee—”
            “Lousy with virginity,” I mutter. “Yep. You’re perfect for the part.”

Theme: Experience, the best teacher it is.
Theme song: Dude (Looks like a Lady) by Aerosmith
Five items from the Love List: cheesy Star Wars one-liners, vengeful makeovers, flamboyant BFFs, unrequited adoration, and sibling love
I also drafted my Mean Boys story this summer and I plan to start revising that in October.
Title:  NO JOKE (I know—not MEAN BOYS. Sorry).
Genre: YA Contemporary
Word Count: currently  84,000 words.
I anticipate finishing revisions by March of 2015.
SUPER ROUGH and not-so-brief pitch: Seventeen-year-old best friends Ashton, Jesse, and Z  have been connected by soccer, rigorous classes, and an insatiable love of pranking each other since grade school. But when a prank goes horribly wrong, harmless pantsing and phone-hacking become a thing of the past, and a vindictive one-upmanship ensues. The friends gang up on each other, and the jokes get more elaborate, more clever. And definitely more mean-spirited. Can the “friends” figure out how to forgive and forget before a prank screws up their friendships and their lives? Permanently.
The opening (also SUPER ROUGH), from my boy Ashton…
I’ve been pantsed. Again.
            I should be used to it. When it comes to Jesse, Z, and me this kind of harmless shit happens all the time. Pantsing, cell phone hacking, and other meaningless pranks have been the norm since middle school. And I wouldn’t be so annoyed if this wasn’t the third time I’ve been pantsed today. Or if I wasn’t standing in the middle of Hollister. With Hot Register Girl. In my Batman boxers.
            I hate my friends.
            A blush creeps up Hot Register Girl’s neck as I fumble my basketball shorts back over my hips. “Sorry about that.” I give a fleeting nod to Jesse and Z, who are animatedly holding up and talking to a loud turquoise Hollister shirt off the clearance rack, one that reads If you’re hot, I’m single.
            “This would go great with Ashton’s boxers, don’t you think?” Z asks.
            Jesse merely snickers.
            Yep. I hate them. 

Theme: Bros before hos (Yep. That’s really the theme)

Theme song: Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield
Five items from the Love List: polarizing secrets; steamy, stolen moments; FIFA; shady deals; and projects that make you go hmmm.
 WHEW. Sorry. That was long. But fun! Anyway, I might be pretty good beta-wise for TMC—I have five people who read for me regularly and 4 others lined up to beta that one, but I’m always up for a pair of fresh eyes! And I know I’ll need a few fresh eyes next March for NO JOKE. Let me know if any of these stories sounds like something you might like to read. J
Oh, and because I’m awesome, I totally forgot to post helpful CP/beta links the other day. Silly me.
Here they are…

Finally, I’m still sad that RSW is over, but I’m going to continue updating and catching up with others through Jaime’s and Erin’s What’s Up Wednesday. You should too!
Don’t forget to sign up on the linky! I can’t wait to read all about your stories!         



  1. I can read! Although I will probably always think of it as MEAN BOYS :)

  2. I would love to read THOSE MAGIC CHANGES! I think I already said that in one of your other posts, and I meant it… so if you're in need of a beta when you finish up revisions, feel free to drop me a line :)

  3. I've always thought this sounded hilarious and would love to read it!

  4. You know I love your writing. You need a reader, I volunteer as tribute. Not surprisingly, NO JOKE sounds hilarious.

  5. Hi Allison! My name is Heather and I was hoping you could answer a quick question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)


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