Monday, November 10, 2014

777 Challenge!

The 777 challenge is one writer challenging another writer to share seven lines of text, seven lines down, on the seventh page of a work-in-progress. I was tagged by my lovely friend Katy Upperman (whose seven lines are fantastic and full of word swoon) and well...I can’t resist a challenge. J

So today I'm posting seven-ish lines from the 7th page of my WiP NO JOKE (which you all may know fondly as MEAN BOYS)

Here's a super rough and not-so-brief pitch for the story: Seventeen-year-old best friends Ashton, Jesse, and Z  have been connected by soccer, rigorous classes, and an insatiable love of pranking each other since grade school. But when a prank goes horribly wrong, harmless pantsing and phone-hacking become a thing of the past, and a vindictive one-upmanship ensues. The friends gang up on each other, and the jokes get more elaborate, more clever. And definitely more mean-spirited. But the “friends” will have to figure out how to forgive and forget before a prank screws up their friendships and their lives. Permanently.
And the excerpt. Just fair warning—this is second draft. And still ROUGH. And—

Okay, I’ll just shut up and share. J
From my boy Ashton...
Autumn gives my hand an extra squeeze as we walk out into the parking lot. “Do you think you could give me a ride home?” she asks.  “A friend brought me to work and well . . .”

“I’d be happy to take you home.”

Her dimple materializes. She drops my hand and slides her arm around my waist instead, then leans her body into mine, so close I’m overwhelmed by the smell of her hair—apples and a hint of popcorn. My legs gelatinize. Will she kiss me at the car? At her house? On her front step? Does she have a front step? I’m so glad I cleaned out the car before I came back to the mall.

When I open the passenger door for her, a landslide of foil packages spills out. Condoms. All sizes and shapes and colors, all over the bucket seats of my Mazda.
Oh. My. God. I am going to kill Jesse and Z.

Since I’m super late jumping on the 777 band-wagon, I’m certain everyone else has already done it, but if you haven’t and want to play along, consider yourself tagged! And let me know if you decide to share. I’d love to check out your excerpts!

Thanks for reading! Have a great Monday!


  1. I remember reading this scene over the summer and loving it then. Still makes me laugh! Poor, poor Ashton! So glad you shared, lady!

  2. Oh geez, I can't stop laughing! Totally hilarious, Alison! :D

  3. This is hilarious. Thanks for sharing with us!


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