Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What's Up Wednesday: VIP release edition!

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I just finished BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE which, if Goodreads would let me, I’d shower with a globular cluster of stars. I heart everything about this book—the magic, the mystery, the freaking fantastical prose. The distinct and awesome cast of characters just keeps growing more awesome and distinct. And the Raven Boys? I love them—I want to be Gansey’s best friend, wrap Noah in an infinite hug, and I just want to hang out with/hug/punch Ronan. But this book just further solidified me as, now and forever always, Team Adam. 

Also, I don’t cry much at books, but that courtroom scene almost . . . almost had me.
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Anyone want to choose for me?


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Revising is slow. That is all.


I make to-do lists each week and this is one from a few weeks ago. In the far bottom right corner I make a list of a few things I’d like to accomplish during the week and then each night, I plan out the things I’d like to accomplish the next day. Some things carry over, but it “seems” to work for me.


My awesomely fabulous friend Riley Edgewood released part one of her super sexy NA romance on Monday!!!

 Here are some more deets on that…

Book & Author Details:

VIP by Riley Edgewood
(Rock & Release, Act #1)
Publication date: November 17th 2014
Genres: New Adult, Romance


VIP is the first act of Rock & Release, Riley Edgewood's three-part new adult romance serial! 

When Cassidy Evans scores VIP tickets to a concert, she decides to use them for one carefree night before beginning a summer internship at her father’s Fortune 500 company. But one carefree night turns into a few too many martinis—with two unexpected twists: A steamy encounter with Gage Logan, sexy singer and guitarist, and a tempting job offer from Gage's boss to work at the concert venue she now knows quite intimately.  

She definitely can't take the job. Her internship is an opportunity any business major would kill for. But the thought of working with her father, a man furious with grief over a family tragedy that struck six months ago, fills her with dread. 

Then there's Gage. Working with him all summer could be hot. Cassidy can't stop flashing back to their night together. Molten kisses. His hands smoothing across the skin of her belly. The weight of his body above her own…   

And suddenly the decision about how to spend her summer is much, much harder to make. 


VIP (Rock & Release, Act I) is out now!! The final two acts of the Rock & Release serial, Starstruck and Show Stopper, launch on December 1 and December 15, respectively. 




Riley lives in the DC area and spends most of her time with her characters, playing with her toddler and husband, and pretending she knows how to be an adult. Former dancer. Current writer. Lifelong lover of accessories, books, and the beach. And cats. Can't forget the kitties. Of which she has two. 

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Guys, I’ve read this whole series and it is undeniably sexy and AMAZING! And you can get the first act for 99 cents?! Why are you still reading my blog? Go! Buy it now! 

*ahem* And then come back and tell me what’s up on YOUR Wednesday. J


  1. If I had to choose from that pile I think I'd go for Dorothy Must Die - I've heard some great things about it! :)

    Good luck with your revisions and have a lovely week!

  2. DANGEROUS GIRLS is freakin amazing if you want a mystery!! I also enjoyed PERFECTLY GOOD WHITE BOY but it's almost a slice of life story - half a year in this teen's life. But I just felt for Sean so much in that book. whereas DANGEROUS GIRLS, I was like woaaaah what is happening! :P

    Good luck with your revisions and have a great week!!!

  3. My parents have long been after me to make to-do lists, but I've always been much more laid-back and go with the flow, like my maternal grandmother.

    Good luck with your revisions. Sometimes slow is what we need to keep focus or do the best possible job.

  4. I love to-do lists, though I probably make too many of them.
    BLLB was sooo good!

    Have a great week! :)

  5. DANGEROUS GIRLS definitely gets my vote! That Plus, the sooner you read it, the less chance there is that you'll get spoiled on the mystery aspect of it. That would be my concern, anyway. I still need to read my copy of BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE. Happy to hear that everyone seems to love it!

    I'm a huge to-do list girl myself. Honestly, if it's not on a list there's a 99.9% chance I'll forget to do it. And who doesn't love crossing things off a list when it's done? Big motivator right there. Have a wonderful week, Alison! :D

  6. Yay for VIP! And that courtroom scene in BLLB... Ugh. My heart. I loved how that all went down, though. One of my favorite scenes in the book. Keep revising, friend. You've got this. (Also, you own me an excerpt, so... *cracks whip*). Have a wonderful week!

    1. Oh, and I agree with Jaime -- read DANGEROUS GIRLS. It's fabulous!

    2. You described my own feelings about BLLB, the Raven Boys and the whole series perfectly! Especially wanting to hang out with/hug/punch Ronan. :) I'm also with you on the to-do lists! They are a must. Have a great week!

  7. Team Adam, huh? Oddly enough, I never thought to be Team Adam. Maybe I would like the books better if I tried. BLLB is coming right up for me. Have a great week!

  8. VIP sounds really great!
    The only book I've read on your pile is the Summer books and I loved them- they were really cute but maybe a better summer read?
    Team Gansey!

  9. I'm about to start reading The Dream Thieves. I really loved The Raven Boys :D

    I love your To Do lists. I'm reaching a point in my life where I need to do this to get everything done.

    Have an amazing week!

  10. Riley lives in the DC area? That's near me! Now I definitely have to buy the book :)

    I vote you read DOROTHY MUST DIE next because it has an awesome concept.

    I'd be lost without my to-do lists. They keep me sane!

  11. I just started The Raven Boys and I love it so far - I will definitely be tearing through the series! I totally agree: revisions are S-L-O-W. Right there with you on that one!


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