Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The fabulous Katy Upperman has recently rejuvenated the “Currently…” posts and I thought I’d jump on that bandwagon on a semi-monthly basis. Here’s what I’m currently 

The weather. It’s been a consistent seventy-something here in eastern NC and my not-so-tan tan is SO HAPPY. So happy that I’m not even going to complain about how many times I sneeze every day. #stupidpollen

I finished the amazing BONE GAP (Laura Ruby) and PLEASE REMAIN CALM (Courtney Summers) last week and am currently reading
I missed out on Emery Lord’s debut (which I heard was amazing and I still plan to read), but the library had this and so far it’s really, really good. So good that I am able to look past a little math faux-pas I read yesterday and not have a crazy research rant like I did here.

 (GO Cards!)

Do you really need to ask?

Side note: I wrote a USA/Mexico friendly into the current WiP. I mean, in my story USA won 1-0 and last week, the US won 2-0, but still. Clearly, a sign. J #wishfulthinking


Last year at this time I was jamming to everything Broadway and classic rock. This year, I’m all about the eighties. Billy Idol, MJ, Madonna. Wham is my latest jam. J
All WiP inspired and totally fine by me.


My story. I know, shut up about it already! But I read through it in mostly one sitting on Saturday and I still love it and the characters and their story. I don’t know if anything will ever happen with it, but it’s given me a huge dose of happy so…

Summer. Time with my family and time at the beach. My son’s eleventh birthday. An upcoming dance competition. Getting notes back from new readers.

My synopsis would write itself. My children would stop growing up so fast. *sigh*

Family. Writing. Life. Can’t complain, people. Can’t complain. Well, not too much anyway. J

What's currently up with YOU?


  1. I actually loved THE START OF ME & YOU more than OPEN ROAD SUMMER. I found ORS' main character hard to connect to (I know we don't have to love every protagonist but she was sometimes too prickly for me) and really loved Paige's story. It made me have a huge grin on my face the whole time I was reading TSOM&Y. Hopefully you enjoy it! And BONE GAP!!! <3 My favorite book of 2015! <3
    Good luck with your new WIP! Is it contemporary or historical fic? I mean can you believe that 80s/90s would be considered historical fic? Gaaaaaah.
    Have a wonderful week Alison!

  2. I'm currently reading OPEN ROAD SUMMER by Emery Lord and enjoying it. Can't wait to read her sophomore novel! As for your WIP, I'm happy you still love it because it's great! Wishing you all the luck with your synopsis. (You know how I feel about them. In a word: UGHHHH.) Have a great week, Alison! ☺

  3. Here here to our kiddos slowing down already! I feel like C ages another year each month. It's kind of depressing! I'm excited to hear what you think of THE START OF ME AND YOU. I loved OPEN ROAD SUMMER, so I'm looking forward to reading Emery's sophomore release (math faux-pas and all!). :-) Have a great one, friend!

  4. Sounds like very good things are going on for you. All the best.

  5. I was actually listening to my 80s/90s playlist today, although no Wham on it - I should remedy that immediately :) It's mostly 90s alt-rock, but I didn't have a place for a few 80s jams, so I lumped everything together.

    I was super pollen sneezy the other week but *knock on wood* I think I've adjusted to all the "nature" in the air.

    Yay for loving your WIP :)

  6. If only synopses would write themselves. It'd make everything easier! :P

    Great to hear you're loving your WIP! ^_^


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