Monday, June 29, 2015

Ready. Set. WRITE! Third Check In!

Welcome back to another Ready. Set. WRITE! check-in! I hope you had a super productive week! In case you’re new to the RSW craze, Ready. Set. WRITE! is a summer long writing intensive through which we write/revise/plan like crazy, cheer each other on, and hold one another accountable with weekly updates. We’re sharing our goals on Mondays and keeping our posts brief so we can save our words for our WiPs! J Sign up on the linky at one of the host blogs each week, and remember to hop around to encourage other participants. For more info on RSW and a link to our lovely stash of buttons, click here!
And now it’s update time. J
How I did on last week’s goal(s):  

1)       Write 5000 words total on one or both of my stories. CHECK! I wrote 5886 words this week. Yay! 

2)       Read one book. CHECK! I finished reading Renee Ahdieh’s THE WRATH AND THE DAWN and it’s absolutely AMAZING. Definitely ranks up there with the best books I’ve read this year.

Currently, I’m half way through reading THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN (Paula Hawkins) and it’s pretty exceptional. I also just picked up Adam Silvera’s MORE HAPPY THAN NOT and I am very excited about reading that one.  

3)       Exercise at least five times this week. CHECK! One of my exercise sessions involved cleaning out gutters and yard work. At noon. In ninety-degree humidity. I think I should’ve counted that session three times. J

STRETCH GOAL: Clean up what I’ve done so far on both stories.

Heh. No. Not at all. Oops.

My goal(s) for this week

1)       Write 5K total on one or both my stories. This goal seems to really work for me, although I do find myself writing more on the soccer story these days. Not a bad thing. Just an Alison observation.

2)       Read one book.

3)       Exercise at least five times this week. 

STRETCH GOAL: That clean up what I have so far thing didn’t go so well, so I think I’m going to just try to revise my stories for at least an hour this week.  

A favorite line from my story OR a word or phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised: 

First, thank you for all your kind words on my way-too-long excerpt from last week! Second, this week, I’m following the rules and keeping things brief.

A line from THE STORY FORMERLY KNOWN AS CHICK MAGNET: (some of you may be familiar with this one)

                “Yo, Marshall! Thanks for the extra. Penny got two rides on this disco stick!”

And from the soccer WiP: 

                I dribble into the eighteen, cutting around defenders like Mia Hamm is my spirit animal.

The biggest challenge I faced this week (ie finding time to write, getting sick, having writer’s block, etc) 

A wicked case of the lazies. I know. Shut up. I accomplished my goals. But it was hard to do that. Especially when all I wanted to do was read and hang out at the pool. Once I pushed myself to start something, I was fine, but getting started? #thestrugglewasreal

Something I love about my WIP

My CHICK MAGNET rewrite: my absolute favorite character entered the story last week and I’m ridiculously excited to write more of him. 

My soccer WiP: my playlist, which I don't really have a playlist because my iPhone's being stupid, but I have several songs that inspire me. This particular WiP has such a girl power feel to it and so Roar, Titanium, Shake It Off, Don't Stop Believin' are on continual brain-repeat. And I think my favorite song on the playlist so far: Playing with the Boys (Kenny Loggins). Could listen to that one ALL DAY.

Random side note: the Pitch Perfect station on Pandora is a perfect replacement for my non-existent/existent playlist. Except it plays Miley Cyrus. Which I then become very thankful God invented skip buttons.
I hope you had a wonderful writing week too! I can’t wait to bounce around and see how you’re doing! So, yanno, don’t forget to sign up on the linky!



  1. Awesome job hitting your goals this week, Alison! Over 5000 words is pretty fantastic progress! The struggle was real around here as well, mainly because of the heat. Though, I'm not sure I could deal with the kind of humidity you guys get. Ugh. Good luck this week! :D

  2. There's another glowing recommendation for THE WRATH AND THE DAWN--guess I better go out and get it right away! Loved that line about Mia Hamm being a spirit animal--made me laugh :). I'm right there with you about a wicked case of the lazies! But it IS summer....;) Hope you meet your goals this week!

  3. Great job hitting all your goals! I think I'm going to have to pick up THE WRATH AND THE DAWN - this is the second recommendation I've read in a row!

  4. Great progress. I also thought the writing in The Girl on the Train is fantastic, though I found it a difficult book to keep picking up because it's so depressing with the ugliness of humanity on display. But the writing kept me going.

  5. You're making awesome progress on your summer goals. It can be hard to get started in a writing groove if our mind is elsewhere, but once we're into that focused place, the words really come out.

  6. You're kicking some serious butt on your goals this summer! Way to be strong and resist the call of the pool too. I can see why you'd want to stay there all day with hot weather like that. I'm pretty much comatose in that kind of heat. This is awesome: "like Mia Hamm is my spirit animal." You're so great with those sports action scenes! Good luck beating the heat and your latest goals this week, Alison! :)

  7. Alison, I can't stop laughing with the line from CHICK MAGNET. Pretty sure I'll be laughing still in an hour. Good luck on your goals this week. :)

  8. It's funny how some characters just energize you and get you more excited about writing. Glad it was a productive week!

  9. Making the goals although one doesn't feel motivated to do it is a HUGE accomplishment. So congrats! And enjoy that character :)

  10. Nice job on your goals. I can definitely relate to wanting to read instead of writing. Love this > #thestrugglewasreal

  11. Humidity will get you every time! Whoohoo on checking off your list. Keep up the good work this week rolling forward! It seems everyone was reading Wrath and the Dawn last week.

  12. Oooo a lot of people are reading Wraith and the Dawn this week! I've heard such good things. Nice work on knocking out that 5K too!

  13. Ahh yes Mia Hamm, loved watching her play! Loved your little bit of your soccer story! Great job on meeting your goals, I hope you a great week!

  14. I always love the lines you share!
    I've heard many great things about THE WRATH AND THE DAWN... I've got it on my TBR but who knows when I'll get around to reading it.
    Have a great week!

  15. Yay for hitting your goals this week! And I completely feel you on the struggle to just get started. I don't know why that is so hard, but impressed that you pushed through it and got so many words and still managed to read a book. I LOVE the excerpt for the soccer book, by the way. Good luck this week!

  16. Ooh, yes, I have tuned in to the Pitch Perfect Pandora station a time or two, myself! Way to rock those goals even when hit with a case of the lazies. :) Hey, we've all been there!! Good luck on goals this week!

  17. Great job with your goals this week, Alison! Everyone seems to be loving THE WRATH AND THE DAWN, so I think I need to pick it up. And your playlist (and the Pitch Perfect Pandora station) sound like so much fun. :)

    Happy writing this week!

  18. That's so great that you reached your goals even while feeling "lazy!" Hope you have another "lazy" week since they seem to work well for you. ;)

  19. You did awesome on your goals, lady -- not that I'm a bit surprised! I'm so excited that you're drafting again, because soon there will be another Alison story in my inbox. I've got MORE HAPPY THAN NOT waiting for me to read it, too. I've heard great things. We'll have to chat about it when we're both done. Hope you're writing all the words this week!


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