Monday, July 6, 2015

Ready. Set. WRITE! Fourth Check In!

Welcome back to another Ready. Set. WRITE! check-in! I hope you had a super productive week! 

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And now it’s update time. J
How I did on last week’s goal(s):  

1)       Write 5000 words total on one or both of my stories. CHECK! I wrote 5853 words this week. Yay! 

2)       Read one book. CHECK! I finished reading THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN (Paula Hawkins). It’s extremely well written with an amazing plot, just a bit on the depressing side. I also finished the exceptionally brilliant and incredible MORE HAPPY THAN NOT (Adam Silvera) which was very often more sad than not but it is so extremely well done and just such an important and amazing story and you should totally read it. Like, now. 

I just started UNDER THE PAINTED SKY (Stacey Lee) and, while I’m not a big reader of historical fiction, I am really liking this one so far.  

3)       Exercise at least five times this week. CHECK! I walked six times this week for at least thirty minutes. One of those sessions involved a walk along a barrier island where I found six pieces of sea glass so, you know… bonus. J

STRETCH GOAL: Revise one of my stories for at least an hour this week. CHECK! I revised my CM rewrite for an hour and a half.

My goal(s) for this week 

1)       Write 5K total on one or both my stories.

2)       Read one book.

3)       Exercise at least five times this week. 

STRETCH GOAL: I find myself spending more time on one story than the other, which is not a bad thing—obviously my mind wants to be with the soccer story—but I am not making much progress on the CM rewrite so my stretch goal this week is to…

Spend at least an hour a day, five days this week, on EACH story.  

A favorite line from my story OR a word or phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised: 

Frustrated. This applies to both my MC and me. L 

The biggest challenge I faced this week (ie finding time to write, getting sick, having writer’s block, etc) 

Self-doubt. That’s always an issue with me, but this week was particularly bad. I mean, obvs not so bad because I met all my goals, but I don’t feel good about a lot of what I wrote. :/

Something I love about my WIP

I have issues with beginnings. They’re always too long. So one thing I do feel good about is that I hit my catalyst on the soccer WiP before page twenty-five. And my MC is about to meet her love interest so LOTS to look forward to. J

I hope you had a wonderful writing week too! I can’t wait to bounce around and see how you’re doing! Don’t forget to enter for Jaime’s awesome care package and don’t forget to sign up on the linky!



  1. Yay on meeting all of your goals! I had to smile at you AND your character being frustrated, but if there are some good scenes coming up, all you have to do is get to them. I know, easier said than done ;)

  2. You are rocking your goals, lady! I know what you mean about self-doubt. I'm languishing in that place too, and it's just not conducive to writing quality words. But, I have a feeling what you wrote is pretty freaking awesome despite your worries. :-) Sending you positive writing vibes, as always. Let's try to write together this week!

  3. I loved your bonus sea glass comment. It's a good reminder to keep your eyes out for bonuses in life :)

    Good job on meeting your goals--you are a total rockstar, Alison!

  4. My cp really liked Under The Painted Sky, and from what she told me, it sounds like it's my kind of book. Need to get it! Good luck this week!

  5. Great job meeting your goals and the stretch goal, too! I know the self-doubt all too well. I just have to remember first drafts don't have to be perfect! Have fun with the upcoming scenes. :)

  6. Congrats on meeting your goals. So impressive that you're getting so many words down AND reading so much! (And you made it to the beach, which is so much harder to do when you live near it!) Good luck with the writing and revising this week.

  7. Wow, congrats on writing 5K this week, Alison. That's AWESOME! And I've seen THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN on many a bookstore shelf and have come close to buying it several times, so good to know you enjoyed it.

    Good luck with your goals this week!

  8. Awesome job meeting your goals this week, Alison! Wow! I can totally relate to frustration and self-doubt. This is me every single time I sit down to write (or think about writing). Honestly, I think it's par for the course when you're a writer, which is unfortunate. :-/ Doesn't make it any easier though, does it? Hope this week is much, much better on that front and equally productive as this past week!

  9. I'm paddling along in the self doubt boat right beside you, Alison. This was another frustrating week for me too. Would it help if I told you you're totally talented and funny and an awesome writer with a fantastic voice? Not sure if it will, but it's true. You kicked butt on your goals despite the doubts, so way to push forward! Also, sea glass is so pretty. I've seen a lot of jewelry around here made out of sea glass and I just might have to buy some. What a cool thing for you to find! Hope you feel more confident this week and that you'll do just as well meeting your goals! :)

  10. I hear ya on the beginnings, except mine is the opposite, too short. Currently trying to figure out what to add to beef it up. Keep on hitting your goals! We are all rooting for you!

  11. I loved Under A Painted Sky- such a great book, but then again, I love historicals.
    I feel the same way about my MS- I feel like I'm done but then I worry and worry that it's not good enough or just not there yet or that it sucks in general or or or... :( At least you pushed past it and met your goals. Hopefully both you and your MC will have a less frustrating week. ;)

  12. Beginnings are tough, and I feel like they always fall into place better once you've gotten to the end. I'm right there with you, trying to get everything in there but without taking too long to say it! Good luck on your goals this week. Don't let the doubt get you down! :)

  13. You're doing awesome! I'm with you on the self-doubt. It's so hard to get away from that, and it doesn't make writing easy at all. It's like an instant motivation killer. But listen: You are a phenomenal writer and can 100 percent do this. Trust that you'll get there. Because you WILL. I know it. Don't doubt that you can craft some really awesome characters and hilarious dialog and scenes. You've got this, lady!

  14. Good luck on splitting your time equally between stories! I've worked on more than one book at a time before, but I've found lately that I work better when only one book is occupying my time and the center of all my attentions. Beginnings can also be difficult. I can't even remember how many different versions of the first few pages I went through for my first Russian historical.

  15. Congrats on all your progress this week! I read The Girl on the Train for book club recently and I agree that it was well written but I couldn't stand any of the characters. They all took such dumb actions it made me frustrated! Lol. But, it was a good book anyhow. Good luck this week!

  16. Doubt is such an energy suck, but everyone goes through it. You're doing amazing with your goals, i think keeping up with them will help you get out of that funk.

  17. Google ate my comment and I only realized it now. Self doubt it a huge issue for me and I fight it all the time. Sometimes I think it's a pre-req to be a writer.

  18. Woohoo on meeting your goals! Ah, self-doubt...It is a sneaky and persistent little critter :( Sometimes all you can do it keep your butt in the chair and keep writing until it slinks off to bug someone else, and it sounds like you are doing it! Good luck with everything this week :)

  19. You smoked it this week! And, girl, I feel you on the self-doubt. But if you just keep on writing, it has a tendency to slowly melt away. Good luck this week!!

  20. Congrats on 5k! And I can totally understand the self-doubt. I have a hard time with that. I'm kind of going through that myself right now. I'm hoping that brainstorming with my brother this week will help me. Good luck this week!!!

  21. I love the idea of including stretch goals. I may do that next week when I'm (hopefully) more myself. Nice job on your goals last week. And I'm totally with you on self-doubt, but all of the excerpts you share are killer, so I think you've got this. Good luck this week!

  22. Self-doubt.... it's a killer for a lot of us. Sometimes though, when you look back at what you wrote, all that 'dreck' that you cringed at, you realize it wasn't bad at all, and that it was exactly what you wanted to write. And... sometimes you just have to get the crappy words out so the good ones have a place to go.

    That could even be your issue with beginnings. Sometimes you have to write pages and pages of stuff that you'll never actually put in the book just so you can get to the story you really want to tell.

    Here's to another awesome week of writing progress, Alison.


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